Ricardo Guimarães Enhances His Family Business With Football Sponsorships

Ricardo Guimarães is the heir to a family bank that has become the largest in South America, and his company is currently using football sponsorships to enhance the bank’s overall image. This article explains how the BMG Bank brand has improved with help from football sponsorships, and people who are consuming the popular Brazilian football league know the name of BMG Bank well.

#1: Ricardo Makes Personal Appearances

Ricardo Guimarães has chosen to make many personal appearances at football matches wearing jerseys and other accessories to note his support for the clubs his bank sponsors. Bank sponsorships are common in the football world, but BMG Bank is being more aggressive than other companies in the football market. Ricardo has been seen at football matches for Atletico Mineiro, and he will continue his support as the money flows to his sponsored clubs.

#2: Ricardo Is Taking Advantage Of The TV Broadcasts

Television broadcasts of matches have made the BMG Bank name even more prevalent than it was before. People who have not concerned themselves with financial matters before are noticing the name of BMG Bank when watching football on TV. There marketing push that Ricardo has started will ensure the bank is a household name across Brazil. Brazil has a growing middle class, and the middle class needs a place to keep its money. A middle class without a friendly bank is not a middle class at all.

#3: BMG Is Marketing Services To Its Customers Through Football

BMG Bank is marketing services to its customers through its marketing campaign, and the campaign is helping the burgeoning middle class of Brazil to learn how to manage its finances. The financial state of the country is easy for people to navigate when BMG Bank is offering the best services for its customers. There are many services BMG offers from investment banking to savings and loan services. These offerings are significant for a country that is finally becoming a world superpower in its own right.

The BMG Bank name is a powerful one in Brazil, and the Brazilian people are benefiting from services they find through football advertisements created by Ricardo Guimarães and his team. The heir to a large fortune and one of the largest banks in the world is a wonderful manager of people, and his understanding of marketing shows that he knows his constituents just as well as he knows his balance sheet.

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