Why James Dondero Has Successfully Grown In the Investment World

The development of different types of business platforms has contributed to enhanced economic growth among different states across the world. This has necessitated the development of different investment management firms that have contributed to the growth of the business sector. As such, there are different types of professionals that have emerged offering improved service delivery in the investment management field. Due to increased service delivery, many people have found the ability to develop their own business entities to tap into the overgrowing capital market. James Dondero has been at the center stage in transforming the investment management world in the United States of America. In a recent release by Forbes, James Dondero weighs in on the stock market outlook of 2016 and what we should expect in terms of economic growth.

Growth of uncertainty and volatility has brought about much focus on risk management structures. This is because many investors incurred losses in the year 2015 and have developed the desired mechanism of combating the risk come 2016. The last quarter of 2015 saw many people loose stock due to the dwindling and surging of the market structure thus enlightened many people to look upon risk management. The falling oil prices have also contributed to increased worry among many investors in the industry. This is due to uncertainty that might be experienced in 2016 as the oil prices continue to fall further thus raising issues. The low returns experienced in 2015 could be an indicator of a successful 2016 stock market prices that would improve with the prospective improvement of the economic situation.

James Dondero is the President And Chief Executive Officer of Highland Capital Management. This is one of the leading investment management firms in United States of America and has grown to open branches in other countries. Jim graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in accounting and financing. This was the starting point into his successful career in the investment management field. With over 30years experience in the industry, James Dondero has helped many firms and industries develop in multinational entities that have benefited many people.

Jim Dondero started his career as a Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life Subsidiary. This was the point he made impact when he helped the company to develop into a 2billion dollars industry. As such, he got much inspiration and later moved to American Express where he also helped managed 1 billion dollars funds in fixed assets.

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