The Koch Brothers Are Currently Directing Their Wealth To Their Newly Founded Family Office

Charles, a David Koch, are famous American business people, the owners of Koch Industries. This billionaire brothers control approximately 42% of stakes in their Koch Industries. Charles Koch has stood out from his brother due to his political and economic analysis interest. The Koch brothers have also been on the political scene as big time political funders. They have been making major donations to various political candidates over the years especially during a general election. Their political support is mainly inclined towards conservative candidates. In 2012, the brothers made a record of channeling over $400 million to political campaigns. This 2016 they are planning to issue out over $900 million to conservatives election campaigns.

Charles Koch has recently been very vocal about the current elections and its candidature. He has been engaging in various political discussions about the progress of elections. Recently, the Koch brothers started family properties and wealth management firm known as 1888 Management LLC. This is a private firm that the billionaires plan to use to manage their personal properties and wealth. The 1888 Management LLC has been created as a spin out of Koch Industries Inc. So far the 1888 Management had been conducting an analysis of the Koch brothers personal properties and wealth. This includes the funds that they plan to use in the current elections funding. With this new spin out, the Koch brothers will make their family the most influential in the United States.

This brothers main businesses include oil, ranching, energy among other profitable businesses are currently worth over $100 billion. Their newly founded family office is expected to increase further their fortunes in the business world. This family office is currently managing more than $2 billion for the brothers. So far the family office has already invested nearly $100 million stock markets countrywide. The 1888 Management will be specializing in the direct investments sector. The Koch brothers are expected to use this family office to place sizeable investments in stock markets worldwide. These famous brothers are specially interested in the telecommunications sector. They are looking to invest in business entities offering voice and data services to large scale consumers like businesses and governments.


Darius Fisher And His Amazing Work

Darius Fisher is ultimately one of the most reliable brands because they work together and very closely with different brands to guide them on building their company and creating a successful reputation. Darius is known for creating powerful marketing platforms that save businesses and reputations online. It has become so much easier for brands to grow despite having a slightly bad reputation because Darius and his team know how to properly work together with brands. Darius started this company just about a year ago, and he built it into a professional online platform that helps protect businesses.

Working specifically towards protecting brands online, you will find that Darius is a hardworker and knows how to connect brands to the right people. His team of more than 35 individuals consist of talented marketing professionals, digital marketers, writers, public relations specialists, and reputation management strategists who can create the perfect platform for your brand. Darius is ultimately one of the best companies to be with for numerous reasons, and one of them being the fact that he knows how to bring the best out of his users. Darius is a professional who understands the world of marketing and advertising, and his team is very reliable and can help provide different opportunities to struggling brands in need of advertising.

Darius Fisher brings together his very talented team of performers who can help guide any brand to growing in the right direction. Darius is definitely one of the most talented people to speak to since he understands public relations and the different dynamics involved with marketing. Status Labs is known for repairing even the most biggest problems online. Darius is known for their professional work in the industry of reputation management. The best part about this brand is the fact that they always provide new opportunities to grow actively. Status Labs has a team of people that cater to individuals and business owners in many ways, and the coolest part is the fact that they always strive to do other marketing tricks to help succeed and grow online. Darius is definitely one very talented Internet marketing expert.

It’s Time To Try Wen

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been insecure about my hair. It’s not that I necessarily hated it, but my hair has been full. Instead, I’ve always had thin hair. Who wants that? Thanks to this insecurity, I searched far and wide for a product that would bring some volume into my hair. That’s when I stumbled upon Wen.

Wen is a product that has a conditioner, shampoo and styling treatment all mixed together. That means all you have to do is put this product in your hair, and you’ll soon notice results. While the majority of people have had nothing but success with WEN, there have been some who felt this product left their hair looking a bit oily. I personally have never noticed that with my hair.

Remember, this product was created by Chaz Dean. For those who don’t know, Dean is a hair care professional who is widely respected by millions of people. He knows what he’s doing and what it takes to leave your hair looking fabulous. When he puts out a product, you can trust it to work.

Now I know you may be a little weary about trying a new product on your hair, but don’t be. It is worth every single penny. In fact, you can always try out this product first for free and then see if it’s what you thought it would be. That’s how much Dean believes in his product.

Thankfully, Wen can be found in sephora stores all over the country. You can even purchase a bottle of Wen right off Amazon. It’s time to finally get the hair you always wanted and dreamed of. Don’t let anything stop you from looking your best. Purchase a bottle of Wen today and you’ll be so thrilled that you did.

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White Shark Media Customer Reviews Show How They Feel

Today’s fast paced Internet centric business world requires companies to have the best possible marketing plans and strategies. That can be a hard thing to do on your own, so that’s why businesses look to White Shark Media to help them stay on the top of their niches.

Who is White Shark Media?

White Shark Media is a top Digital Marketing Agency that provides these services to help small to medium companies with online marketing issues. Created in 2011, White Shark Media was put together by 3 entrepreneurs from Denmark.

Since then they have worked with 1,000s of businesses all over North, South and Central America to grow their companies via excellent online marketing strategies and a proprietary suite of appropriate and superior marketing tools for their business tool boxes.

White Shark makes improvements after client reviews

White Shark is a company that is dedicated to making improvements as needed, and they listen to their customers accordingly. They have analyzed multiple reviews by clients, and made the following improvements.

For instance, some small business clients worried that they had lost touch with their AdWords campaigns, so White Shark has since then made sure this won’t happen to our customers again via better explaining a customer’s campaign prior to its beginning so they know exactly how to use it. This helps them keep better track of keywords, for instance.

White Shark improves our communication with clients

When it comes to keeping in communication with our clients, we have put into place monthly status calls using Go To Meeting software so that each customer and SEM expert can meticulously review the past month’s results. This way each of them can see the AdWords account and be able to talk to each other in real time to improve the entire process.

Since then, customers are raving about how much better communication has been between them and their advisors, and this is great news for everyone!

We have also provided customers with the direct extension of their contacts, and given them all the requirements via an email right after they sign up with White Shark Media.

Feedback is provided by experienced supervisors to all clients

Another great thing to help our customer’s reviews of White Shark Media was the idea to team up all of our strategists with supervisors so they could ensure an experienced person to help provide feedback and oversee all of the campaigns in place.

The senior consultant also follows each client from sign up to the optimization phases and are always available for questions if needed.

The bottom lines is that here at White Shark media we listen to your reviews and address each one so that we can continue to make our services better and more geared to ensuring that our clients stay on top of their niches in today’s online world.

White Shark Media Appreciate Reviews From All As A Road Map To Its Success

White shark media has over tie accepted the fact that it’s not the best in doing ad words campaigns hence the firm keeps on encouraging small business partners to complain or review them. Reviews and complaints White Shark admit being the best strategies that will encourage more creativity and innovation from the company. However compliments from their ad word Google campaigns are still there especially to small businesses. A client complimented the company services for it made his business sales boost five times more, another client made $1.5 million profit whereas another client compliments the company for promoting an increase in conversion rate for his business.

White Shark will never know how much good they have done or how much they need to improve unless customers review them. The company is also open to critics; a client was not happy about being served by a different contact person, and he made White Shark make proper methods of communication like direct extension services so that they will be able to reach the right staff they are used to. White Shark has improved with the staffs especially on the staffs who communicated with a cold tone. A review about a staff commended him for communicating with her in a friendly tone and professional too. She was happy that despite her account being small the staff from white shark dedicated more time to help her business. She is grateful as her dreams to boost her sales came true.

Valley City Metals reviewed White Shark as a company with great ad words that have outdone all other online advertising companies. Phone calls are of quality, and their monthly scheduled online meetings are working for many businesses. Some clients, however, are not receiving the enough attention especially after signing up with White Shark. Just like it has resolved other problems through white innovation shark will consider giving more attention to all small business persons. Google has approved ad words for white shark since Google is the largest platform White Shark through SEO has been promoting lots of businesses.

Throughout the life of the company complains have been there but just like a company starting from scratch White Shark works with an effort to clear all the complaints with new or existing solutions. The staffs who are more than 200 are usually on the toe to help all customers. The company also advises small business managers to stick to campaigns if they are working for their business, if not they can try new campaigns strategies that White Shark Media offers. The company started small and has grown to serve thousands of small businesses; how they handled complaints and compliments back then is not how they do now because they have learnt improved with time. They are also open to more reviews so that the company can pursue greatness.
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White Shark Media Marketing Strategies

White Shark Media is ultimately one of the best and most reliable digital marketing agencies in the industry. They are known for their wide variety of marketing strategies that they provide businesses to help ensure that all of their marketing is top of the line. They work with all kinds of brands and businessmen to help guide them and make more money. This company is known for their very powerful approach to business and marketing. White Shark Media uses the latest marketing tactics to help deliver real growth.

White Shark Media has been in business ever since 2011, and you will find that they continuously strive to discover new marketing platforms and advertising strategies to help clients grow their business professionally online. Utilizing powerful marketing tactics, they work closely with a wide variety of consultants and marketing managers to help ensure that results are accomplished. They never stop working and discovering new strategies to help businessmen get their business in the eyes of the right potential customers.

If you are striving to accomplish some amazing things, then you really need to consider working with this brand since they know all about the web and the latest web marketing platforms that can deliver results. White Shark Media has dealt with some serious criticism recently because of how they handle business and their marketing systems. They seem to forget critical and crucial business practices like communication work together with their clients. For example, they recently have neglected the importance of making it easier on their customers to call on one of their staff members. They have worked had to implement brand new client services where they allow for consultants and customers to speak together. This allows for you to actually get the 411 on all the things that are happening with your business while you can ask questions in the end.

White Shark Media has worked incredibly hard to get to where they are in their business. Working towards their marketing strategy for the past few years, they don’t take their marketing very lightly. They know and understand that clients can get very angry at times, so they have adapted their business over the years to ensure that all users are treated fairly and given only the best services to ensure that they grow and also work with this company on a very good standard. They are definitely worth hiring if you want to grow.

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The Future Looks Bright For All In The Real Estate Market Thanks To iFunding

William Skelley was recently interviewed due to his companies success in recent years. The company he founded alongside Sohin Shah is known as iFunding and is a new platform which makes use of the crowdfunding idea but with the added opportunity of actually profiting from the investment.

William Skelley’s background has provided him with the experience and knowledge necessary to start a platform as successful as iFunding. Just before venturing into crowdfunding real estate, William Skelley was involved in the company Rose Park Advisors which saw him take a principal position. Rose Park Advisors is a hedge fund founded by professor Dr. Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Business School Professor.

He’s said on Twitter that iFunding was started by William Skelley because he came across a program during his days at Harvard Business School. It was during this time he met Dr. Clayton Christensen who is known for the work he has done with disruptive innovation. The hedge fund he founded was focusing on global companies with innovative ideas to invest in. William Skelley was part of the company at the time and they invested in a company known as CircleUp which is now one of the largest crowdfunding angel investment platforms. This company actually recently landed an investment by 2 major companies in the value of $7 million. These 2 companies are Google and Square Ventures. Due to this experience William Skelley realized that the same method could be used in real estate and this was the start of iFunding.

iFunding operates on a global scale and provide their clients with superior investment opportunities that provide consistent returns. All the client has to do is invest scalable amounts which are far below any other traditional real estate investment opportunity. Clients can invest in a large variety of different offerings. All these offerings go through a very stringent due diligence process by the professional staff at iFunding. This ensures that the investment opportunities are a worthy investment as well as lowering the risk of investment by the client. Both of these tasks in traditional real estate were solely left to the client and was a make or break situation as most investors lack both the resources and skills necessary to investigate an opportunity thoroughly. iFunding provides this platform so that everyone can benefit from large real estate opportunities out there.  Register on the website, or check out the company history on LinkedIn.

Helping a Professor’s Reputation

Melissa Click is an assistant professor at the University of Missouri has recently come out of 3 months of silence after being under tremendous scrutiny for the way she behaved during a student protest on campus. She was caught in a video asking for some “muscle” to help remove a student reporter from the midst of the protest. After the video became public, Click was suspended by the administration and immediately went into silence. She has since emerged with the help of Status Labs, an online reputation management agency to help her recover her reputation which has been tarnished by one simple incident. In an article posted on USA Today’s website, Click was reported saying she doesn’t want several decades of teaching and professionalism to be ruined by one simple action for which she has repeatedly apologized and reprimanded herself for. To be sure, Click has said, “The words that came out of my mouth came out of the dark crevices of my brain”. The team at Status Labs will help to make sure that Click’s online reputation truly reveals the success and image she has developed over several years of teaching instead of being ruined by one simple action.

Status Labs has recognized the overwhelming influence that the internet and all online content can have on the reputation of an individual as well as a whole business. This can be unfair and sometimes provide a misrepresentation as anybody if free to post information online whether it is true or not. In response to this growing influence, Status Labs emerged to help their clients make sure their online reputation is an honest reflection of their character and professional image. They are quickly becoming the premier online reputation management company.

Since their founding, Status Labs has grown to work with thousands of clients in over 35 countries across the globe. From high profile individuals such as CEO’s, celebrities and athletes as well as Fortune 500 and 100 companies, Status Labs has the ability to cater their work to any client. The founder of Status Labs is Darius Fisher. He has gained some significant attention since founding the online reputation management business as a young and very influential entrepreneur. He has written articles and been interviewed in some well established magazines and publications such as Forbes.

How Madison Street Capital has taken over the Wedge Fund Business

Every firm aims at being the dominant force in the business it is involved in. Madison Street Capital is no exception. The firm is a leading multinational venture banking firm in the financial services business. Recently, it released the fourth issue of its hedge fund industry M&A outline showing business activity and M&A opportunities. The report states that in 2015, 42 hedge fund deals were made or pronounced worldwide. This is ten more than the 32, which were announced the preceding year. In addition to that, the transaction volume was 27% higher.

According to the report, the increase in the transaction volumes is owed to increased activity during the last three months of 2015. This and other factors have made experts in the field predict that 2016 will have the highest number of hedge fund M&A transactions ever.

Understanding the performance of the Industry in 2015

In 2015, hedge fund assets were at a record high. This is in contrast with the unexceptional performance across most hedge fund strategies that year. Despite the fact that there was a dip in the performance of the industry, recognized stakeholders are increasingly making allotments to the unconventional wealth management sector with the optimism of attaining higher required returns. This will help them match the increasing liabilities. Those managing smaller hedge funds are however not attracting new capital and therefore, their firms are functioning below capability. They are therefore experiencing high operational costs while the sources of finance are thinning.

Large firms like Madison Street Capital keep on attracting capital investment and therefore operate within their capacity. In addition the hedge fund setting favors them because it gives them a diversity of deal mechanisms than can be used to house both buyers and sellers. This was originally reported on

Madison Street Capital in Brief

This is a hedge fund management firm with clientele spread all over the globe. It is a major player in financial services and a business leader in investment banking. The firm provides a cohesive all round approach to fiscal and strategic advice and solutions to its clients. It also offers alternative ventures such as the emerging markets and short and long term equities.

As an investment bank, Madison Capital acts as a stockbroker in all dealings involving its customers and offers advice on the best sectors of the economy to invest in. Under its fold, it has an array of talented fiscal experts dealing in Hedge Funds, Asset Management and M&A Advisory. The specialists offer advice about Capital Introduction, Portfolio Valuation, Financial Restructuring and Financial Sponsor Coverage. It offers top-notch services and this has made it to be recognized as one of the best financial services provider globally.

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U.S Navy Memorial Foundation and the US Money Reserve. Avail a statue in Honolulu.


As reported by Yahoo, Statues serve an important function of not only immortalizing heroes and legends but also a tribute to them for their selfless efforts. The US Money Reserve and the US Navy Memorial Foundation have joined efforts in to avail a bronze statue of a lone sailor at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. With most of the money coming from the US money reserve, it will use the campaign of the 75th anniversary Pearl Harbor Gold and Silver Coins that marks a significant event of 1941 to solicit funds says a article. Revenue that accrues from sales shall contribute to the installation of the statue. It is an appreciation of the sea service fraternity globally who go out of their ways to protect freedom. The figure represents the United States Navy and depicts their honor, respect and hard work; it is meant to inspire the public and honor the sailors for their hard work. Standing 7 feet tall, it depicts a sailor in all their paraphernalia. The statue is designed by the U.S. Navy Memorial’s official sculptor; it is made of bronze while the base made of the finest steel from Arizona.
Us money reserve has assisted the Americans when it comes to investment and diversification of assets. It has grown to become one of the largest private distributors of Gold, silver and platinum in the world; this is be because it has one of the most trained team and researchers about markets and would give the best advice on the most lucrative markets to invest in. The primary focus of us money reserve is customer satisfaction with the aim of establishing a long-term customer relationship.
Us Navy memorial foundation is established mainly provide a tribute to the unrelenting effort of the US Navy. It is also a place for them to celebrate their hard work and service to the United States. It is irrefutably one of the richest archives to find educational displays.