The Future Looks Bright For All In The Real Estate Market Thanks To iFunding

William Skelley was recently interviewed due to his companies success in recent years. The company he founded alongside Sohin Shah is known as iFunding and is a new platform which makes use of the crowdfunding idea but with the added opportunity of actually profiting from the investment.

William Skelley’s background has provided him with the experience and knowledge necessary to start a platform as successful as iFunding. Just before venturing into crowdfunding real estate, William Skelley was involved in the company Rose Park Advisors which saw him take a principal position. Rose Park Advisors is a hedge fund founded by professor Dr. Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Business School Professor.

He’s said on Twitter that iFunding was started by William Skelley because he came across a program during his days at Harvard Business School. It was during this time he met Dr. Clayton Christensen who is known for the work he has done with disruptive innovation. The hedge fund he founded was focusing on global companies with innovative ideas to invest in. William Skelley was part of the company at the time and they invested in a company known as CircleUp which is now one of the largest crowdfunding angel investment platforms. This company actually recently landed an investment by 2 major companies in the value of $7 million. These 2 companies are Google and Square Ventures. Due to this experience William Skelley realized that the same method could be used in real estate and this was the start of iFunding.

iFunding operates on a global scale and provide their clients with superior investment opportunities that provide consistent returns. All the client has to do is invest scalable amounts which are far below any other traditional real estate investment opportunity. Clients can invest in a large variety of different offerings. All these offerings go through a very stringent due diligence process by the professional staff at iFunding. This ensures that the investment opportunities are a worthy investment as well as lowering the risk of investment by the client. Both of these tasks in traditional real estate were solely left to the client and was a make or break situation as most investors lack both the resources and skills necessary to investigate an opportunity thoroughly. iFunding provides this platform so that everyone can benefit from large real estate opportunities out there.  Register on the website, or check out the company history on LinkedIn.

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