April The Awaited Great Month For Argentina And Highland Capital Management

The coming month of April is the month that Argentina will have the benefit of the court ruling preparing its return to the global market. The country makes the return which has been waited long enough by investors like James Dondero the resident and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. Argentina plans to sell securities worth $12 billion to clear the debts while Highland capital management plans to invest in the securities by scooping some huge figure of the securities. Jim seems to have a great interest in Argentina; he can see the country’s future potential especially after the notes he bought from the country yielding a considerate amount of profit for Highland Capital Management.

Just like in the previous years piled up in Argentina the case is likely gong to repeat itself once the creditor’s debts are cleared. President Marci says that the selling of the securities will yield for the government about 6% which will be positive for the fiscal and monetary capacity of the country. April will sure be a good month for the country, its creditors and Highland Capital Management amongst other interested investors who looks forward to getting Argentina back to its former potentials. Its return to the market creates Highland capital management one of the biggest winners in investment.

James founded Highland Capital Management located in Dallas Texas but with other offices in Singapore, Seoul and New York. He has developed the firm to assisting and giving credit analysis solutions to financial institutions, funds of funds, corporations, foundations and endowments. His gains in the equity market awarded the firm recognition in the HMF awards. He manages the largest CLO holding globally and has been a major investor in distressed investments that yield a significant amount of returns. Dondero has a great experience in the field considering his CPA, CMA, and CFA certifications. Between 1989 and 1993 he was the chief investment officer who helped create the GIC subsidiary of protective life insurance.

Other than Highland Capital Management James is also a servicing board member of Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer and American Banknote Corporation. His philanthropic achievements have been in a great number of non-governmental organizations which include; Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Museum of Nature and Science, Capital for Kids and Reserve Aids. Dondero is very active in many development sectors and has established trust with many private and public corporations who appreciate his presence in the board of directors and as the chairperson. He has all the qualities of an adviser in financial equities and development.

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