Expanding Autism Rocks With New Board Members

PR Newswire recently reported that Sanjay Shah, founder of Autism Rocks, has recently appointed 2 new board members to the charities board. The 2 individuals he chose are the Best brothers, Will and Pete. According to Shah, the brother’s experience and expert skills will help the organization greatly over the coming years. Shah knows the 2 brothers well from the days they went to university together.

The article continued by discussing Autism Rocks further and that they are a charity that raises money for autism research. Shah wants to help the community that is affected by autism. His hope is that through the funding, professionals will be able to identify individuals who might develop autism and to evaluate the services that best help those effected with the disease.

The article then returned to the selection of the Best brothers. Shah believes that the 2 will bring quite a bit of insight to the charity’s board. The article guessed that the brothers would likely be very involved in the board’s decision making process and their creation of short term and long term goals. On a more regular basis, the brothers will be involved with the musical events, funds, affairs and managerial process of the charity. Shah, in regards to hiring Pete and Will, said that the brothers would be especially helpful in overseeing the mechanics that are behind the charity.

Sanjay Shah founded the organization in 2011 when he found out that his son had autism. Shah wanted to help him in anyway he could. He got him into the best schools and programs in the world and he decided to start autism rocks Shah found that many organizations that addressed autism provided services to assist those affected by autism. Shah also found that not very much money was being dedicated to autism research. If research was better funded, their findings would allow the other organizations to better serve their beneficiaries. Research might also discover early warnings signs that indicate if a child might develop autism later on in their developmental stage.

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