Helane Morrison, the Woman of Inspiring Ambitions.

Helane Morrison is among the most indomitable and influential women that I know. She was born and raised in Brooklyn. Morrison studied at Northwestern University in Illinois where she was awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Later, she enrolled in the school of law at the University of California, Berkeley where she served as the law review’s editor and also awarded as Juris Doctor Degree.

Morrison set off her career at the United States Court of Appeals by working as a clerk for the seventh circuit in 1984. One year later she moved to serve as Harry Blackmun’s law clerk in the Supreme Court. Morrison then joined a private law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin in 1986 and was named as a full partner of the company in 1991. During her ten years at the firm, she significantly fought against corruption. She thought that public needed to be informed on how to invest safely, and, therefore, documented the cases that she handled on the Google book format.


The good job of Ms. Morrison was recognized by the government, and she got a position at the United States Securities and Exchange in San Francisco. She headed the regional enforcement activities and had the authority to guard businesses against fraud. While at the organization, she campaigned to end corruption in the trading and securities industry. Morrison helped the SEC in tackling high profile cases such the McKessin HBOC, Google and Nextcard lawsuits. She also worked on litigations which included the insider trading case, market manipulation by investment brokers and shielding senior citizen against fraud. Due to her achievements, she became the first woman to be the Head of Commission and Regional Director of the SEC.


In 2007, Morrison joined Hall Capital, a private successful investment firm that is based in San Francisco. Currently, she works as a Managing Director and the Chief Compliance Officer. The pioneering spirit and ethical culture of the company are what drew her to take the job. Morrison also serves as General Counsel and sits on the Executive Committee of the Hall Capital Partners LLC. I can describe Morrison as a hard working woman who can balance work and other obligations that are not part of her career as it is advocated by Hall Capital. She served as a director of the Bar Association of San Francisco from 2001 to 2004. Currently, Morrison sits on various boards which include the American Bar Association hedge fund subcommittee and Region Parks Foundation. Ms. Morrison has had a lengthy and inspiring career.


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