Keith Mann Gives Back

Keith Mann is a co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners. He is also currently serving as the managing director at the company. Dynamic Search Partners is best known for their work with alternative investments and hedge funds but they mainly concentrate on search services for executives or other staffing needs at big investment firms. The company was founded in 2001 and they have already managed to fulfill client mandates in excess of 2 thousand. And after more than a decade, the firm has created a database of investment executives that is likely the biggest in the United States. Mann started out at Dynamic Associates and after years of work, he was able to create his own project, which then became a major branch of the company. Prior to starting Dynamic Search Partners he went from managing alternative investments to being the Vice President of the company.

Keith Mann and his wife have chosen to be generous with their success. According to Business Wire, Mann has decided to create a scholarship fund at Uncommon Schools in New York City. The Scholarship will be for 5 thousand dollars towards any college expenses. This particular scholarship will be available to any graduating senior, who wants to attend college, at the Uncommon School in Brooklyn. In order to receive the scholarship, the student must write a 1 thousand word essay on how attending college will be beneficial to their future success. The school is thrilled about this new opportunity for students. All of the students at the Uncommon Schools, which are in Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, are from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Because the school is a charter school, the students and their families are not required to pay tuition. The school has seen a major problem in helping their students to continue their success. With college tuition rising, many students are either not able to afford school and the costs that come with it, or they are forced to take a student loan that can be very difficult to pay back after the student graduates from college.

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