Talk Fusion at Forefront of Video Marketing

The internet has been a great game changer in the realm of business. Over the past several decades we have seen companies rise and fall thanks to the instant connection to consumers that the internet allows. Surrounding this business oriented world is the art of marketing. Online marketing gurus are as revered as successful CEO’s, in their own right. If you know how to work the corners on the internet in order to put a product in front of a customer then you are already so far ahead of the curve. That is where Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina stands, right at the forefront of a marketing revolution.

Talk Fusion is a company that was established back in 2007 by Reina. Reina decided to establish the company after a conversation with AOL. Reina had been interested in embedding his own 10 second video within email messages he wanted to send to friends, family, and potential clients. AOL said that this was no possible. Not believing in the word ‘can’t’ Reina quickly went to his own IT friends and put together a way to get videos embedded into emails. This obviously changed the world of marketing in a dramatic way.

Studies show that including a video in your marketing campaigns via email would end up in a revenue increase of nearly 40%. That crazy jump in numbers makes Talk Fusion’s work so, so very important. Now Talk Fusion is focusing on getting the word out to as many people as possible as they are opening up a free trial period for users to get in and learn the ins and outs of email marketing. There is no instant way to success on the internet, but there are certainly better ways to set yourself up for quality success and potential sales.

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