Yeonmi Park’s New Book Reveals The Terrible Atrocities In North Korea

Human rights activist Yeonmi Park has experienced a great deal in her 23 years. In Yeonmi Park’s Amazon released book, In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom, she outlines her life under the brutal regime of Kim Jung Il and how her family ultimately escaped to China. Even as a child, Park recognized that harsh realities of living under the thumb of communist rule. As revealed in the book, Park’s journey to freedom took a heavy toll on her family. Some of her most painful memories include the physical and psychological hardships she and her mother endured. Her father, sentenced to a prison camp for selling goods on the black market never saw freedom; he died from prostate cancer. In Order To Live is a story of perseverance, bravery and determination. It also sheds light on the true barbarism that exists in North Korea and the millions of citizens who are forced to exist within it.

Yeonmi Park is a foremost authority on human rights violations. She grew up in North Korea in a middle-class family. Her father’s job as a public servant made her life better than most. Things took a dark turn when Park’s father was convicted of smuggling and sentenced to 10 years in a forced labor camp. Her family realized they had to leave as soon as possible if they wished to live. With her sister who had left before them lost, Park and her mother found themselves in the hands of sex slavers. One night they escaped and made their way through the frigid Gobi Desert into China. For the last five years, Park has spoken out against Kim Jung Il, his son, Kim Jung Un, and the terrible human rights abuses in her home country. Although speaking out on the Reason TV has come with many death threats, Park remains undaunted. She is determined help those oppressed in North Korea and other areas around the globe.



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