Stephan Murray and His Career Accomplishments

Stephen Murray was a career Private Equity Investor who was also the President and CEO of a company named CCMP Capital. He recently passed away on March 12th, 2015, at the age of 52. A month before his death, he left the equity firm due to health-related concerns.

During his career, he worked for many major companies, which included Aramark, AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, Generac Power Systems, Cabela’s, Pinnacle Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe, and the Legacy Hospital Partners.

He first began his career in 1984 by getting a job as a credit trainee at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company, which is based in New York. He later co-founded and worked for CCMP and its previous firms in 1989. Read more: Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away and Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees

One of the previous names of the company was Chase Capital Partners but was later known as JPMorgan Partners and J.P. Morgan. JPMOrgan later bought the company that is known today as Chase.

At one point in time, CCMP was considered to be one of the world’s biggest private equity firms. CCMP later became independent of JPMorgan in 2006. By 2007, Murray assumed the CEO position, succeeding the founder of the group, Jeff Walker.

Stephen Murray graduated from Boston College in 1984, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics. He later obtained his master’s in business administration from Columbia Business School.

He was a strong supporter of both of these educational institutions. He even sat on the board of trustees for Boston College.

In addition to sitting on the college board of trustees for the college, he served on many different company boards.

Some of these different companies included Crestcom International, Infogroup Inc., LHP Hospital Group, JMDH Holdings, Octagon Credit Investors, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet.

Stephen Murray was also a supporter of various non-profit organizations in New York, such as Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York and the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County.

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Try Out NutriMost To Achieve Your Ideal Weight

Find Your Weight Los Stride With NutriMost!
If you are like most people, then you have tried several diet and weight loss alternatives out there with mixed results. I know I feel like I tried every diet known to man. I searched all over the internet for different diets to try. My friends gave me some advice, but when I tried their tips I found that my success was short lived. I read some reviews on twitter of different diet programs, and I found myself overwhelmed. Whenever I lost weight with tips from friends or diet alternatives I always found that the weight would pile right back on my body in a short time after I lost it. It was so hard to keep that weight off. I used to play sports in schools, but with all that weight on my body I could barely even go for a jog around the block without wanting to pass out. Then, I found out about NutriMost.

NutriMost’s Proven System

NutriMost has a system that is different than any other diet or exercise program that I have ever seen in the past, and I’m so grateful that I discovered their NYC Fat Loss approved system because I have never felt better. I have lost over 20 pounds in two months, and the weight is staying off. I feel great, and I have the helping support of my NutriMost coach to help keep me on track to achieving the weight loss goal that I set for myself before I started their system.

When I was looking around the internet yesterday, I found this great article on that has an informative interview with the founder of NutriMost, Dr. Rob Vasquez. Here’s the link to that interview if you want more information.


Responding Tactfully To Attacks On Your Reputation

Entrepreneurs work hard to build their businesses from the ground up. So that’s why when your reputation is slandered it can really hurt. Even if you do everything right, there can still be times when someone takes a stab at your work. Maybe it will come from someone that is never satisfied or maybe it will be from a jealous onlooker. It is important to learn how to combat these situations.

First, never sink to the level of the attacker. It can be challenging to control your emotions when someone is criticizing something you’ve worked so hard to develop, but don’t let that heat you up. Utilize great resources like to clean up search results about you and your business. Try counteracting their words by continuing to uphold a dignified business.

When times get tough, the public can take pleasure in speculating on misfortunes. Removing negativity from the web will help simmer down these mishaps.  is a premiere resource for cleaning up bad reviews. Use this situation as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your customers. Assure the public that you are devoted to the mission of your business and providing optimal service. Soon you will see who truly stands by your side.

Increase the overall value you have to offer. During this time, people may begin to question what they have to gain from you. Go above and beyond by showing them that their loyalty will pay off. Provide the highest quality content there is. This may certainly be a nerve-racking experience but try your best to shake off those feelings. Don’t just hold your emotions inside either. The best way to seek relief is through comfort and support from others. Adding another perspective to the situation may bring clarity and resolution.

Remember not to lose sight of why you began your business. Is this your passion? Do you enjoy helping others? Are you highly skilled at what you do? Take some time to reflect on what drives you. Don’t let others diminish your hard work. You can do this; you have purpose!

Wengie Makeup and Beauty Tips

Wengie born in Guangzhow, China on January 9, 1986 has created an exclusive channel catering to Asian beauty tips and products in Australia.
Currently, it is the most prospering channel dedicated to beauty advice which includes Asian makeup and skincare, hair care and make-up tutorials. There is also a segment pertaining to fashion tips, hair accessories, wellness lifestyle and even a seven day diet designed by Wengie to assist you in losing desired weight,complete with menus and cooking temperatures.
Wengie is promoting her new commodity line of facial skincare exfoliation products, which are to be used only after thorough and gentle cleansing of the face,the recommendation for utilizing exfoliation is no more than three times a week,in order to avoid irritating the ultra sensitive skin on your face.
There are a total of six various means of exfoliating the face,which essentially means carefully peeling off the outer layer of skin called,the epidermis which is defined as dead skin ultimately revealing the true skin just underneath called the dermis.
There are manual exfoliation scrubs,chemical exfoliates which contain glycolic and salicylate acids.
Aqua gel products, peeling gels, ordinary face towel and the Konjac porous sponge which is quite popular because, all you have to do is wet the sponge and semi vigorously scrub your face.
Any of the above variations will successfully accomplish the task of exfoliation, which eventually will reveal a radiant appearance of more youthful,clearer softer and subtle smoother skin, a definite glowing complexion.
Wengie is an ordinary young lady who is passionate about make-up and fashion who wanted to share her expertise with the world in regards to make-up tips,fashion and skincare.
Wengie began her blog initially as a pastime as well as an activity of self expression,and currently 185,000 visitors monthly go to her blog. She also does weekly advertised product freebies as well as videos.
In addition to her website and blog, she also has three YouTube channels, (Wengie):beauty lifestyle channel,(Life of Wengie) my advise and blog channel and (Wengie Official) my music and dance channel.


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Shaygan Kheradpir’s impact on the Technology World


Recognized as a leader in the technology and business world for years, Shaygan Kheradpir has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant for many years. His years of work in business and technology make him a recognized leader with years of experience. His company Coriant is a supplier of networking solutions to an army of countries across the world. Shaygan Kheradpir has multiple degrees including a doctoral degree in engineering from the prestigious Cornell University. His wealth of knowledge has helped him to create a company with worldwide impact.

Kheradpir has collaborated with a number of major companies during his career to include Verizon. He later partnered with Juniper Networks to improve their company. He began his career at GTE Corporation. During his career he has been responsible for initiating major product initiatives with these companies including technology for Verizon’s that would improve the ability of digital recording. He also put together a team that discovered iobi. This incredible tool assist in organizing address books and caller identification features.

Kheradpir is a man of many talents and interests. Kheradpir served on a board of the U.S. Institute of Technology from 2010 to 2013. He also finds time to serve as a member of the engineering groups at Cornell. He continues to be innovative holding a number of patents in technology and media. His company Coriant continues to win deals with a key customers while growing  tremendously. His years of experience and wealth of knowledge are sure to make an impact for many years to come.

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Creating a Positive Classroom Culture: Class Dojo

Class Dojo has made communication between parents and teachers continuous and much easier. Parents are empowered with the ability to see how their child is doing in class (ex: prepared, paying attention, etc) and teachers are able to communicate in real time how the student is doing. This company has raised close to 21 million in Round B venture funding in an attempt to grow this communication platform to the next level.

The makers of Class Dojo want to figure out how to grow their content and features to make it helpful to parents, not just when their child is at school but at home as well. The philosophy behind Class Dojo is to build a positive community in the classroom, making it convenient for the teacher to snap pictures and send videos while the student is in class. This feature allows positive feedback quickly and helps to bolster student self esteem.

The original intent behind this app was to create culture and community inside the classroom and since 2011, the idea has grown and taken shape. Two in three schools now use it and students and parents love the positive feedback. Its hard to believe but this 25 person start up has not even generated a profit yet and they are looking to expand their app. One reason is they have made it free to teachers and parents in hopes to build community in the classroom.

They fund their operation through investors. Class Dojo has grown to become a collaborative tool between teachers, students, and parents. The old-fashioned parent-teacher meeting seem obsolete since parents are able to get instant, continuous feedback on academics and behavior, and they are able to communicate easily with their child’s teachers. The investors see this app growing into a social network type app, even though, its purpose is education.

Class Dojo is a free app to parents, teachers, and students. Teachers are able to track students’ academic and behavioral progress through customized system of point tracking. They can photo and video share moments in the classroom, which is tagged to only that student. This feature still allows for privacy of the student and sharing of the proud moments of their child’s education.

It is easy to see why it is a favorite of K-8 teachers. This app has easy sign up features, pre-made take home letters and presentations, and easy to use features. This free app takes the burden out of calling to praise and makes positive feedback real and genuine. Class Dojo has found a way to help create a positive culture within the technology enhanced educational system.
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Skout Caters to Many Different User Groups


SKOUT travel is a phrase that has been rolling off the tongues of many social media users. This is the latest feature that Skout has added to the already popular Skout app. More than 10 million people have “picked up” a virtual ticket and explored Skout virtual travel cities so far, but that is just the beginning of what Skout developers anticipate to become one of the hottest concepts around.

There undoubtedly are a lot of people that are curious about it, and there is no better place for the word to spread when it comes to talking about new concepts on the web. The social media world is filled with a mirage of people that are just waiting for the opportunity to get engaged with someone else that is out there in the Skout community.

Sometimes people chat and keep things friendly online. There are others users that get acquainted with one another by meeting locally. This is all part of the allure of Skout. People have so many different ways to connect. It is like have accessing to a wide community of people that have many different interests, but they are all under the same umbrella. There is no reason for anyone to consider something else because it would take several apps to get the strength of this one app. No other social media app out there is connected to headhunters, soul mates, new friends and virtual travel. That did not exist in as a combination of one single app until Skout rose to the occasion. That is something that sets this Skout app apart from the Facebook and Twitter sites. Many people wanted to initially compare this app to those types of apps, but virtual travel has certainly changed this into a new app that stands alone.

The number of people that are utilizing Skout will grow because the company appears to be on the innovative edge. This is a company that has surfaced as one of the most socially responsive apps out there. The Skout leaders have engaged in feeding the hungry, and the company has been involved in getting the word out about things like “Random Kindness Week.” These are the types of things that make this one of the apps that people will remember. People have become loyal to this app for these reasons. It has become a favorite of the youth of today.

This Beauty Blogger Took A Risk And Tried A New Hair Product

Do you live for great hair? Do you obsess over fashion magazines particularly those who focus on hair trends? Do you find yourself up late at night reading twitter tweets and getting hair care tips from all of the hair professionals in order to get the hair you desperately want? Do you think that you are defined by your hair? Are you tired of going from product to product trying to figure out what works for you? Do not fret. You are not alone. Thousands of women and men each day struggle with bad hair days and even more men and women struggle with how to maintain good hair. It can be challenge finding what works and what doesn’t work and if you’re like me it could take forever to figure it out because who wants to slip up and use the wrong product and lose your hair?
Recently while up late at night I stumbled across‘s website. Chaz Dean. the creator of WEN is the celebrity hair stylist you wish you woke up to each day. He has done hair for all the greats and has us all wishing we had better hair days. While scrolling online on facebook one day I stumbled across an article by a beauty blogger who took a leap of faith on this hot new product. for days she only used Wen By Chaz on her fine hair and every day she took readers through a day by day summary of how the product worked on her hair. After a few days you could begin to see the transformation taken place and as a reader and follower I was impressed. While I may not like taking risks on my own hair was I was impressed by the results and it has peaked my interested in wanting to learn more about this great new product. For more info, see