Women in Business Inspire


Successful women in business are inspiring, especially women that overcome all kinds of obstacles and break certain cycles in their history. One good thing about people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and make a good life for themselves is that they often wind up stronger and wiser because of it. Among the women that have overcome their disadvantages and made a successful career is Portia Kersten, who is CFO of Skout. She describes her upbringing as growing up poor. However, she has always had a vivid imagination. Reading tons of books has helped grow her imagination and creativity. She has used it to her advantage and made a successful career.

Portia Kersten has found a good match for her in Skout, a social media platform. Skout is very unique from other social media platforms in that it encourages people to meet up for various reasons. Among the activities that Skout encourages are dating and traveling. Skout provides services to 100 different countries in the world. Skout has been founded with the purpose of fostering greater connections with people. A lot of people stay on their cell phones and mobile devices. However, Skout encourages people to meet in person so that they can know each other better.

Skout is also interested in bringing about stronger communities where people help each other and do things for each other. There have been surveys conducted by Skout that talked about doing things for others. Skout has also encouraged such activities among the users of the social media platform. People that have signed up for Skout have been very impressed with what the app has to offer for people. A lot of this has been made possible with the leadership of the app. Portia Kersten has gained a lot of insight from her upbringing and hopes to use it to help improve the lives of others.

One thing that Portia Kersten advises women and other people to do is to embrace versatility. She knows the mindset to have when running a business. Having the mindset of a business is most important and it is important to have patience when getting any type of job. Portia Kersten is also very confident, because she knows the recipe for confidence. She advises people to be logical and polite. Skout is also one of those networks that nourish confidence in users.

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