Iap Worldwide Is About To Become Even Bigger: The Merger That Everyone Is Going To Be Talking About

There was a recent write-up in the business section that I think might be of interest to some of you. If you are familiar with IAP Worldwide Services, than you already know about how big a conglomerate the company is. Well, they are about to get even bigger, hence the title of the article.  Read more: IAP: Home and IAP Worldwide Services jobs at Careerbuilder.com

IAP Worldwide has just acquired DRS Technologies.

As everyone knows, a company or person does not commit to a merger without there being some mutually beneficial arrangement. It has to be good for business on both sides.

What is in it for IAP Worldwide and DRS?

It’s simple. They are looking to increase their sizable market with their customers. IAP Worldwide Services is already known for its great products and services. This merger will mean that the company can expand and more than double their impact.

IAP Worldwide Services is not just looking to expand things with their communication departments and products. It’s looking to add in a whole new unit, one that will be beneficial to everyone involved.

“What we want to do is add in an aviation department. We want to be able to deliver aviation and engineering solutions to our customers. By joining forces with DRS we can achieve this goal. It’s not just about adding on this new unit. We already bring our products and services to both private and public government agencies. We want to be able to double our impact with this. If we can deliver sound services with engineering and aviation, then the timing is perfect. We can bring our brand to a whole new audience and customer base. This new audience we wouldn’t be able to have otherwise, had we not joined forces.”

–Rep from IAP

DRS also deals in government contracts. As the two of the companies join forces, it will bring forth a message of long-term commitment and achievement.

“Our company has always been about growth, while keeping our core values in line. DRS has the same sort of mindset when it comes to this. It’s going to be a mutually beneficial agreement for both of us. DRS has and audience that we have been trying to reach. We have an audience that DRS has been trying to reach. It’s not about money for either of us; although, we will be making a lot of it. It’s about sharing core values and commitment to excellence. Our customers deserve the best on both sides. This merger will give them the best.”

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Richard A. Smith Vows to Cleanse His Industry by Standing Against Corruption

The CEO of a prominent telecommunication service provider, Securus Technologies, has vowed to fight corruption in the sector by raising his voice against various illegal issues. Regarding malpractice in the communication sector serving U.S. prisons, Richard A. “Rick” Smith will publish a series of press release related to wrongdoings in the industry. As part of his efforts, the first report is a copy of the official order by the Louisiana Public Service Commission investigating the illegal practices of GTL, Global Tel Link.

In a recent statement, the Louisiana Public Commission revealed startling information linking GTL with acts of gross violations. Actually, GTL was found guilty on multiple accounts of overcharging telephone calls of prisoners and their families. The wrongdoing included implanting device in the hardware of phone sets, which would extend the timings of the original call by 15 seconds or 36 seconds. The extended call charges were also increased further as it was found that GTL charged phone bills at significantly higher rates than the legal limits. As if these extra charges were not enough to quench the thrust of executives at GTL, various add-on marketing and advertising programs were initiated forcing families of prisoners to respond to calls that were not initiated by either party.

Learn more at wikipedia.org about Securus.

Interestingly, the Commission also found that GTL was also involved in billing customers twice for various calls. In the end, total loss to tax payers amounted to just a fraction less than $1.5 million. Considering that GTL is a major telecommunication carrier contracted by U.S. prisons, such acts are not illegal, but criminal. Hence, Richard S. Smith has promised to let public know about the unfair practices that are going on for years in the sector, which tarnishes reputation of good firms operating in the industry. Further information regarding such violations can be found on the Securus website.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Dr. Rod Rohrich Joins Zwivel

Originally reported by the New York Times at http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/07/business/smallbusiness/cosmetic-surgery-thats-just-a-click-away.html?_r=1, Zwivel is a way for patients who want plastic surgery to find the perfect doctor. Cosmetic surgery is known for potentially causing a lifetime of looking botched, so future patients are being extremely careful in choosing a doctor for their plastic surgery needs. This has led to high consultation costs for many individuals, as they strive to find the perfect doctor and to understand the procedure ahead. Dr. Gary Breslow and Dr. Craig Abramowitz created Zwivel to give patients and doctors an online site to connect each other without having to be face to face.

Patients are free to use the site at no cost, making Zwivel especially desirable. Pictures and videos can be shared with doctors to get answers about what they are up against and patients can keep searching until they find the perfect doctor for them and set up a formal consultation on plasticsurgery.org. Dr. Breslow created Zwivel because he was frustrated with the entire consultation process and soon found that other doctors felt the same way. Zwivel had a slow and costly startup but is now expecting to be profiting $15 million in 2020.

One of the many talented doctors on Zwivel, Dr. Rod Rohrich, was found by plastic surgery patient, Amber Ingerman after she went to several consultations trying to find herself the perfect doctor. Zwivel made it simple and easy for her to to find Dr. Rohrich and scheduled with him immediately. Working as a plastic surgeon in Dallas and a professor at UT Southern Medical Center, Dr. Rohrich is nationally recognized as one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States. Restoring youth to bodies everywhere, Dr. Rohrich has appeared all over the television being featured for his miraculous technique.

Dr. Rohrich has worked as Chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery for 20 years, giving him the experience and knowledge it takes to put him and his team on everyone’s radar. He has shared his wisdom with his students and colleagues, trying to improve the way plastic surgery is done. He aims to be safe and effective with every one of his patients, giving them natural looking results, making him extremely desirable to those that are seeking surgery. With so many interests and specialties, Dr. Rohrich has a large pool of patients and now with Zwivel, even more.

Marc Spark Excels in Both Business and Social Entrepreneurship

After graduating high school in 1975, Marc Spark has used his C+ average to build successful businesses despite having no formal training.

He has gained lots of experience and savvy from being a serial entrepreneur over the last 34 years as well as through managing Timber Creek Capital and serving as chairman and CEO of Unistar Financial Service Corp.

In his book, “They Can’t Eat You,” Mark painfully shares insight and lessons learned from both his successful and unsuccessful ventures in hopes that readers will gain inspiration and success.

He also works toward societal good with his charity work, and through a new venture called Spark Tank, hopes to help other social service entrepreneurs in their efforts to promote success for individuals who are struggling.

Mark has volunteered his time and donated money to support causes including Samaritan Inn Homeless Shelter, the Spark’s Kids Foundation for underprivileged kids, Habitat for Humanity and The American Can Academy.

His new endeavor, Spark Tank offers social service organizations the opportunity to submit ideas to help other achieve success and give a presentation about their causes and the potential successes that can be accomplished.

These ideas are judged and the winning organization will receive grants to help support their efforts. Applications are accepted quarterly with winners competing against each other in at the year’s end. Applicants should be 501c3 organizations that have existed for at least two years.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/9661324.Marc_Sparks

Marc has been giving opportunities to entrepreneurs through Timber Creek Capital which specializes in providing venture capital to fund start ups as well as expert guidance in business planning and strategy for the last 15 years.

His journey to success included starting a software company and selling $200 million of his home made products a year.

However, he believes the greatest lessons to be gained comes from his unsuccessful effort where he started an insurance holding company out of his bedroom, built it to nearly a billion dollar market and lost everything within 90 days.

Since that time, Mark Sparks has gained great success at managing and owning properties and casualty insurance companies as well as multi-location insurance agencies. His vast expertise and experience is serving society well and helping others succeed in life.

Marc Spark is a successful Texas businessman who is having a positive impact on his community and the world. His efforts help to transform Samaritan Inn from a ramshackle homeless shelter into a $3 million facility that feeds more than 200 people a day over the past 15 years.

With the help of Lynne Spiora, Spark Tank will help many other social service organizations reach their goals of serving the needs of struggling individuals.

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Doe Deere Helps Inspire Modern Art


The art world is one in which people look for many varied sources for inspiration. This is true of many contemporary artists. Doe Deere, herself very much an artist, was startled to find that her own art was used by another contemporary artist as his own staring point for a piece. Deere created an image of herself with a doll that she put on her Instagram feed. Her image was seen many other people who have chosen to follow her on various social media. One such person saw her imagery and then choose to use it for his own ends. Modern artist Richard Price took the image she put out and then created an image of his own based on hers. He later sold the image at a New York City art fair for a relatively large sum. Price chose not to credit Deere in his image, much to her shock.

Her Own World

Deere is someone who loves art and color. She is herself truly in every possible way. Her world is one color is embraced from her trademark light blue hair to her often outrageous use of color in all facets of her life. She is all about being able to use color and use it well. This is why she has enjoyed such a great career in the fashion world. Deere started Lime Crime, her own fashion makeup company. Lime Crime offers products online in shades that are all about being able to use bright color and add it the eyes, the chin, the cheeks and people’s nails and toes. She wants her customers to have the option of being able to use color much as she has used it, to be able to show off how she sees the world to others and to be able to surround herself with saturated shades at all times.

Loving What She Does

In order to do as well as she has in the world of business, she knows that it is important to always love what you do. This is a philosophy that she takes to heart in every way. She is all about using color as much as possible. Her own cosmetics are an extension of her own life. She offers shades that she knows will make others as happy as she is each day. This is also why she is happy to continue to explore the possibilities of color in her own life. She shows her followers on various social media how they can create their own looks using her many products. This is why knows that she can always bring something to the table for her customers. Her own life is about being innovative and creative.

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White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

Sanjay Shah And Solo Capital’s Beginnings

Solo Capital is a company founded by Sanjay Shah. It is a worldwide boutique institution with headquarters in England. Solo Capital was constituted in 2011 and is regulated by the UK. Since inception, Solo Capital has made a number of great as well as positive changes.

It was established following Sanjay Shah’s decision to leave his accounting job at a bank situated in North London. He handled different accounting positions for a number of years that the served in the finance field. However, he became jaded with working in the financial organizations. His time was wasted by the morning and evening travels. He decided to quit his accounting profession after feeling wasted. Prior to quitting his career, the finance sector was struck by the 2008 financial crisis. Many professionals were retrenched Sanjay Shah among them. He opted out of employment completely after the retrenchment.

Sanjay Shah went on to rent a tiny room outside London making it his office. The small office is where Sanjay Shah begun his brokerage firm that has achieved so much growth. With only a few employees at the beginning, the firm currently employs many people. Additionally, it has moved offices and now has its own buildings. Sanjay Shah has also been able to own other firms in different locations across the world.

About Sanjay Shah
Sanjay Shah is British businessman that owns Aesa S.a.r.l. The firm manages Solo Group Holdings, which runs Solo Capital Partners. Sanjay Shah owns numerous other companies. The companies are situated across London, The Cayman Islands, Malta, and Dubai. The other locations where he has offices include The British Virgin Islands and Luxembourg.

Additionally, he is also active with charitable causes. Sanjay Shah contributes to autism research through Autism Rocks, an organization he created in 2011. It supports autism research endeavors. The organization also works on spreading awareness about the condition. It raises funds for the two causes by organizing private concerts that host various celebrities. In 2015, Sanjay Shah spent $100,000 to spread more awareness on autism. He spent the money on the domain name “Autism.Rocks“ for the organization’s website.


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Solo Capital Founder Sanjay Shah Rocks Autism with Wealth Creation’s Gifts

After a few short years in the banking business, counting beans from morning to night, Sanjay Shah realized that his doldrums in the long hours of making other people wealthy while he slaved away at figures and charts in a cramped position for days and days after long commutes to and from work, were numbered. He just found it fruitless to spend so much time getting to and from a job that seemed to age him quickly and garner others wealth while he grew bored. He understood how to turn the tables of finance to his favor after throwing in the towel in the accounting profession, but taking in the most important tidbits of priceless information, contacts, and partnerships, he grew up his own hedge fund operation that started out with one or two employees. Calling it Solo Capital, he created great energy and wealth for his partners, clients, and associates in his enclave. He was so successful at this capacity that he had enough money to retire early.

By his early forties he was entertaining private wealthy clients with other very talented performances by artists as famous as Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Snoop Dogg to raise money and awareness. Why was Sanjay trying to raise awareness and funds? For the cause of Autism, Sanjay spent many hours getting his wealthy contacts interested in participating in his quest for answers about the condition because the cure would benefit his very young son, who was diagnosed with Autism at age two and millions of other afflicted children. Sanjay now spends much if not all of his time with his foundation, Autism Rocks, to further the research and efforts to understand this cognitive disability that effects a vast population of young children.

The proceeds of his private fund raiser concerts which involve tea and Rock music for his small cavern of guests with deep pockets, go to the research being conducted by various institutions in England, such as the Autism Research Trust (ART). The funds that ART collects are distributed to the Autism Research Centre (ARC) that is maintained by Cambridge University. Their research is focused toward the understanding of the cause and effects of autism.


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