Doe Deere Helps Inspire Modern Art


The art world is one in which people look for many varied sources for inspiration. This is true of many contemporary artists. Doe Deere, herself very much an artist, was startled to find that her own art was used by another contemporary artist as his own staring point for a piece. Deere created an image of herself with a doll that she put on her Instagram feed. Her image was seen many other people who have chosen to follow her on various social media. One such person saw her imagery and then choose to use it for his own ends. Modern artist Richard Price took the image she put out and then created an image of his own based on hers. He later sold the image at a New York City art fair for a relatively large sum. Price chose not to credit Deere in his image, much to her shock.

Her Own World

Deere is someone who loves art and color. She is herself truly in every possible way. Her world is one color is embraced from her trademark light blue hair to her often outrageous use of color in all facets of her life. She is all about being able to use color and use it well. This is why she has enjoyed such a great career in the fashion world. Deere started Lime Crime, her own fashion makeup company. Lime Crime offers products online in shades that are all about being able to use bright color and add it the eyes, the chin, the cheeks and people’s nails and toes. She wants her customers to have the option of being able to use color much as she has used it, to be able to show off how she sees the world to others and to be able to surround herself with saturated shades at all times.

Loving What She Does

In order to do as well as she has in the world of business, she knows that it is important to always love what you do. This is a philosophy that she takes to heart in every way. She is all about using color as much as possible. Her own cosmetics are an extension of her own life. She offers shades that she knows will make others as happy as she is each day. This is also why she is happy to continue to explore the possibilities of color in her own life. She shows her followers on various social media how they can create their own looks using her many products. This is why knows that she can always bring something to the table for her customers. Her own life is about being innovative and creative.

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