Iap Worldwide Is About To Become Even Bigger: The Merger That Everyone Is Going To Be Talking About

There was a recent write-up in the business section that I think might be of interest to some of you. If you are familiar with IAP Worldwide Services, than you already know about how big a conglomerate the company is. Well, they are about to get even bigger, hence the title of the article.  Read more: IAP: Home and IAP Worldwide Services jobs at Careerbuilder.com

IAP Worldwide has just acquired DRS Technologies.

As everyone knows, a company or person does not commit to a merger without there being some mutually beneficial arrangement. It has to be good for business on both sides.

What is in it for IAP Worldwide and DRS?

It’s simple. They are looking to increase their sizable market with their customers. IAP Worldwide Services is already known for its great products and services. This merger will mean that the company can expand and more than double their impact.

IAP Worldwide Services is not just looking to expand things with their communication departments and products. It’s looking to add in a whole new unit, one that will be beneficial to everyone involved.

“What we want to do is add in an aviation department. We want to be able to deliver aviation and engineering solutions to our customers. By joining forces with DRS we can achieve this goal. It’s not just about adding on this new unit. We already bring our products and services to both private and public government agencies. We want to be able to double our impact with this. If we can deliver sound services with engineering and aviation, then the timing is perfect. We can bring our brand to a whole new audience and customer base. This new audience we wouldn’t be able to have otherwise, had we not joined forces.”

–Rep from IAP

DRS also deals in government contracts. As the two of the companies join forces, it will bring forth a message of long-term commitment and achievement.

“Our company has always been about growth, while keeping our core values in line. DRS has the same sort of mindset when it comes to this. It’s going to be a mutually beneficial agreement for both of us. DRS has and audience that we have been trying to reach. We have an audience that DRS has been trying to reach. It’s not about money for either of us; although, we will be making a lot of it. It’s about sharing core values and commitment to excellence. Our customers deserve the best on both sides. This merger will give them the best.”

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