Marc Spark Excels in Both Business and Social Entrepreneurship

After graduating high school in 1975, Marc Spark has used his C+ average to build successful businesses despite having no formal training.

He has gained lots of experience and savvy from being a serial entrepreneur over the last 34 years as well as through managing Timber Creek Capital and serving as chairman and CEO of Unistar Financial Service Corp.

In his book, “They Can’t Eat You,” Mark painfully shares insight and lessons learned from both his successful and unsuccessful ventures in hopes that readers will gain inspiration and success.

He also works toward societal good with his charity work, and through a new venture called Spark Tank, hopes to help other social service entrepreneurs in their efforts to promote success for individuals who are struggling.

Mark has volunteered his time and donated money to support causes including Samaritan Inn Homeless Shelter, the Spark’s Kids Foundation for underprivileged kids, Habitat for Humanity and The American Can Academy.

His new endeavor, Spark Tank offers social service organizations the opportunity to submit ideas to help other achieve success and give a presentation about their causes and the potential successes that can be accomplished.

These ideas are judged and the winning organization will receive grants to help support their efforts. Applications are accepted quarterly with winners competing against each other in at the year’s end. Applicants should be 501c3 organizations that have existed for at least two years.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Marc has been giving opportunities to entrepreneurs through Timber Creek Capital which specializes in providing venture capital to fund start ups as well as expert guidance in business planning and strategy for the last 15 years.

His journey to success included starting a software company and selling $200 million of his home made products a year.

However, he believes the greatest lessons to be gained comes from his unsuccessful effort where he started an insurance holding company out of his bedroom, built it to nearly a billion dollar market and lost everything within 90 days.

Since that time, Mark Sparks has gained great success at managing and owning properties and casualty insurance companies as well as multi-location insurance agencies. His vast expertise and experience is serving society well and helping others succeed in life.

Marc Spark is a successful Texas businessman who is having a positive impact on his community and the world. His efforts help to transform Samaritan Inn from a ramshackle homeless shelter into a $3 million facility that feeds more than 200 people a day over the past 15 years.

With the help of Lynne Spiora, Spark Tank will help many other social service organizations reach their goals of serving the needs of struggling individuals.

Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

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