Richard A. Smith Vows to Cleanse His Industry by Standing Against Corruption

The CEO of a prominent telecommunication service provider, Securus Technologies, has vowed to fight corruption in the sector by raising his voice against various illegal issues. Regarding malpractice in the communication sector serving U.S. prisons, Richard A. “Rick” Smith will publish a series of press release related to wrongdoings in the industry. As part of his efforts, the first report is a copy of the official order by the Louisiana Public Service Commission investigating the illegal practices of GTL, Global Tel Link.

In a recent statement, the Louisiana Public Commission revealed startling information linking GTL with acts of gross violations. Actually, GTL was found guilty on multiple accounts of overcharging telephone calls of prisoners and their families. The wrongdoing included implanting device in the hardware of phone sets, which would extend the timings of the original call by 15 seconds or 36 seconds. The extended call charges were also increased further as it was found that GTL charged phone bills at significantly higher rates than the legal limits. As if these extra charges were not enough to quench the thrust of executives at GTL, various add-on marketing and advertising programs were initiated forcing families of prisoners to respond to calls that were not initiated by either party.

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Interestingly, the Commission also found that GTL was also involved in billing customers twice for various calls. In the end, total loss to tax payers amounted to just a fraction less than $1.5 million. Considering that GTL is a major telecommunication carrier contracted by U.S. prisons, such acts are not illegal, but criminal. Hence, Richard S. Smith has promised to let public know about the unfair practices that are going on for years in the sector, which tarnishes reputation of good firms operating in the industry. Further information regarding such violations can be found on the Securus website.

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