Solo Capital Founder Sanjay Shah Rocks Autism with Wealth Creation’s Gifts

After a few short years in the banking business, counting beans from morning to night, Sanjay Shah realized that his doldrums in the long hours of making other people wealthy while he slaved away at figures and charts in a cramped position for days and days after long commutes to and from work, were numbered. He just found it fruitless to spend so much time getting to and from a job that seemed to age him quickly and garner others wealth while he grew bored. He understood how to turn the tables of finance to his favor after throwing in the towel in the accounting profession, but taking in the most important tidbits of priceless information, contacts, and partnerships, he grew up his own hedge fund operation that started out with one or two employees. Calling it Solo Capital, he created great energy and wealth for his partners, clients, and associates in his enclave. He was so successful at this capacity that he had enough money to retire early.

By his early forties he was entertaining private wealthy clients with other very talented performances by artists as famous as Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Snoop Dogg to raise money and awareness. Why was Sanjay trying to raise awareness and funds? For the cause of Autism, Sanjay spent many hours getting his wealthy contacts interested in participating in his quest for answers about the condition because the cure would benefit his very young son, who was diagnosed with Autism at age two and millions of other afflicted children. Sanjay now spends much if not all of his time with his foundation, Autism Rocks, to further the research and efforts to understand this cognitive disability that effects a vast population of young children.

The proceeds of his private fund raiser concerts which involve tea and Rock music for his small cavern of guests with deep pockets, go to the research being conducted by various institutions in England, such as the Autism Research Trust (ART). The funds that ART collects are distributed to the Autism Research Centre (ARC) that is maintained by Cambridge University. Their research is focused toward the understanding of the cause and effects of autism.


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