Fabletics From JustFab: Style On Point

New Trend In Women’s Activewear

When going to a clothing store costs too much money, we all turn to buying our clothes on the internet like Pinterest. Shopping online is all the rage these days. The only downfall with shopping online is that you can get ripped off. We have all purchased something online that we were incredibly excited about, buy when it arrives to our doorstep we are greeted by a product that is nothing like what we ordered. That is no longer a problem if you are using JustFab.

What Is JustFab?

JustFab is doing remarkable things in terms of changing the market for women’s clothing. They make it easier than ever before to find your own individual style while finding clothing that is affordable to purchase. They also came out with an activewear brand called Fabletics, which is unlike any other clothing brand I have found, and I work in the fashion industry.

Fabletics is unlike any clothing brand I have encountered because a major celebrity has hand picked all of the styles. Kate Hudson founded Fabletics with the help of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg back in 2013. Their aim in creating this activewear company for women was to provide women with an affordable price for high quality sports wear. Fabletics sells all different kinds of activewear for women, too. They have leggings, pants, shorts, tank tops, sports bras, and a myriad of other beautiful items to choose from in their selection.

JustFab and Fabletics each have their own VIP membership programs that bring you closer to your fashion sense. The membership makes me feel like I am more in the loop in terms of fashions and trends on popsugar.com. It also helped me figure out some questions about my own personal style. When you sign up for a membership you end up taking a survey of your interests. You get to choose different types of shoes and outfits based on specific occasions. It really helped me hone in my taste in clothing, and they give you access to a Personalized Boutique on top of all that. You also get deep members only discounts on all of your purchases.

The membership discount for being a VIP member with JustFab is up to 50 percent off of the regular price, so you get to save money the moment you join. I joined for the fashion insight, but I will never pass up a saving like this. You can turn off the membership easily, so there is no need to worry about getting charged if you decide to no longer use their services. I like my style this spring. It’s going to blow every out of the water. Source: http://www.fabletics.ca/kates-picks.htm

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