Keith Mann: Providing Opportunity

Keith Mann has been operating within the executive search business for over fifteen years and is knowledgeable in hiring and staff strategy as well as compensation for hedge funds. Keith Mann was antecedently a manager at Dynamics Executive Search where he recruited for international financial services companies. He launched the Alternative Investment Practice inside the Dynamics Executive Search in 2002, distinguishing the hedge fund trade as a quickly growing market that was underserved by the search community. In 2006, he enlarged the practice into the private equity business, and in 2009, Keith Mann presented DSP, Dynamics Search Partners, as a premier executive search firm dedicated solely to alternative investment companies. Keith Mann is presently the chief executive officer of DSP and is accountable for the daily management of the firm. He assists his consumers in hiring investment, self-promotion and internal strategy professionals for their existing groups, in addition to building new platforms. DSP works with companies across the alternative investment trade within the U.S., Europe, and Asia, and fills over two hundred client mandates annually.

Keith Mann is also a well-known philanthropist who is a dedicated supporter of education. He helped raise money through a fundraising event, for Uncommon Schools, a group of charter schools in the New England region. They specialize in supporting low-income students so they have a chance to go to college. He also founded the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement which helps fund one graduating senior within the Uncommon Schools program to become an innovative leader in the business industry.

Keith Mann fights strongly against animal abuse and has exposed grim truths behind animal experimentation, particularly in vivisection. He is also a strong supporter of the NYPD and is thankful for their service to protect the people. In 2015, after attacks on the NYPD, he sent lunch to the force to show his support and attended rallies which called for trust in law enforcement officials.

Doing whatever you can to support those around you, including the helpless is something Keith Mann, a tireless good-doer believes is the next step in our human evolution.

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