Jim Hunt: A Stock-Trading Expert And CEO Of VTA Publications


Trading stocks is a way to make a profit when you know the signs and the numbers to look for. Jim Hunt knows the ins and outs of stock trading, and he’s put together documentation and video tutorials on how to read stock charts, identify promising stocks, execute trades, and make a profit. In fact, he’s given his audience pointers on the secrets to turning profits even when a bear market is imminent. He even made it known that he could “make mum a millionaire” by just executing 10 trades. Jim Hunt may seem like a high risk-taker and big gambler, but in reality he says his ability to make great trades simply come from knowing what kind of stocks to trade. Hunt helped found VTA Publications, a resource for learning economics and finance.

VTA Publications is for those who want to step out on their own and start managing their money like professionals. Through the learning materials offered at this company, users can learn how to build portfolios, learn about how the stock market runs, and find out where they can place their money. Users are given complete control of their money and don’t need to rely on a broker or investment banker in order to make money.


VTA compiles a wealth of knowledge taken from financial experts, and you can find blogs on their website giving pointers on how to get others on your team, and achieve your goals through changing your thinking and formulating new strategies. VTA Publications has compiled books on learning stock charts, finding new options and futures strategies, and building a retirement account with insights taken from the bible. They also host seminars each year where businessmen from all around the world come to give lectures on finance and investing, and all of them are recorded. You can purchase these courses and seminar recordings.

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