Chris Burch And His Take On Fashion And Technology

Through the years, the technological and fashion industries have experienced many changes. However, they have grown together in a fascinating journey. A look into the past and where both industries are at the moment gives an indication of how both industries’ future will be. Over the years, there has been a realization that technology grows with things that are considered fashionable.
The boom box in the 70s raised a lot of excitement because users could listen to their favorite station while moving from one place to another. Carrying a boom box became so popular. In the 90s, a more personal music experience was brought with the Walkman invention. In the subsequent decade, there was a whole new experience with the invention of the iPod.

Today, the amalgamation of fashion and technology is happening. Technology has enable fashion designers to develop things that deliver thus; taking functionality as well as innovation standards higher. According to Anouk Wipprecht, technology is like a playground for experiment that offers endless possibilities as a reward. Anouk uses fashion and technology in her designs.

Fashion designers like Anna Haupt as well as Terese Alstin have advanced fashion via the use of technology to offer protection to people. They created a system for cyclists to where on the neck to protect the head from impact. Moreover, firefighters can protect their team effectively by wearing Kevin Cannon’s Frontline Gloves. He designed them with Ashwin Rajan. The Frontline Gloves allows important information to be shared using hand gestures.

Sometimes fashion helps technology to gain prominence. That has happened often. A good example is the Google glasses. They became popular on the catwalk when Diane Von Furstenberg’s models wore them. Therefore, fashion shows gives people the opportunity to see the latest trends. It shows that fashion and technology can advance together and assist each other. Additionally, they have a common future. That is because technology
creates wonderful fashions and fashion bring out the best in technology.

About Chris Burch
Chris Burch is a businessman that has a diverse investment background in many industries. They include technology, real estate, and fashion. Bloomberg maintains that Burch and his brother went to Itchica College. As an undergrad, he created Eagles Eye apparel. He expanded the business and sold it when it was a $165 million venture.

Presently, Burch is the chairman of Burch Creative Capital. The company boasts of a broad brand portfolio. It includes Poppin, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, and Cocoon 9. He applies imagination, support and scale, as well as creativity to create businesses that positively impact consumers. Burch has achieved successes with his ventures by making strong investments.

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