IAP WORLDWIDE was both founded and begun back in the year of 1953 on viasat.com. It has not slowed down or stopped since. Not all companies can say the same, period.

Any organization and/or brand which has been able to maintain itself in the business and ever growing, as this one most certainly has, is to be respected and admired as a whole. IAP WORLDWIDE on Devex has only grown and continued to grow through many years of faithful perseverance, trials, and service. Over sixty years of service have proven this company to be made of true metal, and true to its service and stated goals & accomplishments over the never failing test of time….which tries and tests all things as if in a very furnace itself, sometimes—-bringing out the best gold possible through the fire. IAP WORLDWIDE has much good gold to show in many good years of service.

But one of many numerous attributing aspects to such a deep and profound level of success is due to the company’s one of a kind, not found anywhere else quite exactly the same, strict guidelines which all members of IAP Worldwide Services must adhere to and live by on a regular basis. Would you care to know what these are? I thought that you would. IAP WORLDWIDE individuals must:
Practice Intellectual Curiosity and Rigor
Act with Integrity and Humility
Provide Inspirational leadership and followership, enabled by empathy
Act nicely, responsibly and swiftly
Act with resolve, adapting to and embracing change
Allow ourselves and others to be happy and successful
Pursue growth and learning
Partner with colleagues, customers, and community for our mutual success

Also, here is another key and crucial part to the core of the operation as a whole. I speak to IAP Worldwide Services foundation and its structure…not to mention its ever continuing success. I quote:
“At IAP, our mission is to solve your most challenging problems using proven technology, expertise, and ingenuity. When you partner with us, we take your ultimate goals and make them our own, and we do not rest until we have delivered the results you need. To achieve this, we rely on four competencies….”

The four competencies, what are they? Friends, they are: focus, agility, capabilities, and commitment. Without them, INGENUITY AND PURPOSE WORLDWIDE would most likely not be INGENUITY AND PURPOSE WORLDWIDE as we know it today. This company is very unique.

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