Kenneth Goodgame’s Useful Business strategies

Kenneth Goodgame is the senior chief vice president of True Value Concept Company. As a top influential Operations Manager in the marketing industry, Kenneth specializes in advanced marketing and sales, tailored financial oversight, and developing business structures to generate millions and billion dollar through marketing. Kenneth is committed to delivering a balance of corporate alignment, workers engagement, and top performance indicators such as high-quality assurance systems.

Kenneth leverages his ability to promote growth through excellent leadership, high-quality improvement, cost analysis, structured negotiations, and production enrichment. Kenneth’s extensive knowledge in business helps him improve performance and increase business revenue. With his extensive experience in sales and merchandising, Kenneth has a veteran’s eye when it comes to observing market fluctuations. As such, he leverages his capability to observe oncoming market trends to avoid common mistakes often committed by his competitors.

During his tenure at True Value Corporation, Kenneth hired a full category management team inclusive of pricing, group rules, and heat mapping, prominently known as visual inventory productivity. The role of the team was to direct inventory and sales to maintain business units at the corporate levels. Kenneth transformed the low-performance to high performance through motivation and recognition of individual efforts. Kenneth transformed low performing purchasers to an energetic team equipped with a full range of merchandise proficiency.

Apart from attracting high purchasing clients to the shelves, Kenneth launched 250-store keeping units program for the entire retailers. The launch resulted in the delivery of full scope percent and lowered retails on sensitive store keeping units. Through Kenneth’s leadership, the average basket ring rose with a margin of 9%. While working at True Value Concept, Kenneth generated a new inventory program, New at True Value. The New at True Value program ranked as the best True Value Corporation’s innovation. Approximately, 28,000 stores supported the new program since it was used as benchmark against in-store participation.

About Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame attended the University of Tennessee to pursue a degree in Consumer Science. He serves as the senior vice president and general merchandising officer at True Value Hardware Corporation.


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