Sam Tabar Provides Investment Tips for New Year

It was January 2015, that time of the year when people were beginning to plan their New Year’s Resolutions. According to that time’s Fidelity Investments report, 54% of consumers planned to make viable financial resolutions for that New Year. However, the complex investments securities industry can be overwhelming to the amateurs. The Columbia Law School-trained attorney and top capital strategist Sam Tabar luckily volunteered to reveal his top investment tips to assist all those newcomers who were looking to boost their net worth and plan for an early retirement in the New Year.

Sam Tabar, the renowned financial strategist cautioned the people who were planning to beef up their portfolio through commodity trading that it would not be a walk in the park. According to the expert, these types of investments were riskier that the traditional bets like the mutual funds. Commodity markets are more volatile than the stock markets or the mutual funds, so it is wise for investors to conduct their due diligence prior investing in that sector.

Another option of the traditional stock market is investing in the private sector. Social entrepreneurship is booming and investing in social platforms is good opportunity to make good money while assisting others. Tabar knows this first hand after having recently invested in THINX. THNX is a socially conscious women’s underwear manufacturer. For each pair of product sold by THINX, it donates seven sanitary pads to AFRIpads, which eventually donates the sanitary supplies to the needy girls in Africa.

The financial legend, however, noted that no matter the route novice investors chose, a properly diversified portfolio is very critical. He said that it is easy for novice investors to get confused up in a new and exciting investment endeavors or a stock that is currently outdoing its peers. But all good things should come to an end while you want to ensure that you do not keep all your eggs in one basket when the hot stock comes back. Tabar’s most crucial piece of advice was that the best time to begin investing is the present. You do not have to wait for your retirement years to wish you had started investing earlier.

Cone Marshall Defends New Zealand on the Issue of Foreign Trusts

Cone Marshall is a force to reckon and has been on the forefront of solving the most complex of legal cases. Based in New Zealand, the law firm rose from humble begins, led by a team of experienced and ingenious professionals to international prominence enjoying a prestigious status few rival law firms get to boast of.


Since 1999, Cone Marshal law firm has focused on two main areas in law: estate and tax cases. Their clientele comprises of big corporations and wealthy respectable individuals both in New Zealand and International water. Part of what makes Cone Marshall a big name in legal circles is their experience in handling even the complex of cases referred to them by other attorneys.


Karen Marshall is one-half of the law firm and a major stronghold who joined in 2005 and later made partner by becoming the company’s principal in 2006. Before that, Karen was already established in the legal industry gaining over 10 years’ experience in commercial court cases. As a principal of Cone Marshall, she acts as an advisory to statutory trustee firms, a job she does well, given her 15-year expertise in law.


Cone Marshall has been instrumental in publishing legal articles focusing on various issues, one of them being the issue of foreign trusts within New Zealand soil. Geoffrey Cone, the other half of Cone Marshall, in his lengthy article on NZ Herald defends his home country on the foreign trust predicament raised in a past article.


According to Cone, there were claims that New Zealand was a tax haven for investors which is an absolutely lie. A tax haven is a country or jurisdiction that only levies nominal taxes, practices secrecy on taxation issues and that it harbors laws that encourage a limited or selective exchange of information with other governments, especially on the issue of taxation.


Defending his country, Geoffrey Cone clarified that New Zealand has over 39 agreements on double tax and an additional 20 agreements on information exchange. All these regulations were put in place to show New Zealand’s transparency in tax and to curb the issue of tax avoidance or evasion by both wealthy locals and international investors. Thus the existence of foreign trusts in the country doesn’t necessary mean that it’s tax evasion haven for the sophisticated and wealthy.


Bottom Line

Karen and Geoffrey are the two chief experts who turn the wheels of fate at Cone Marshall. They both come from an impressive background of handling legal issues with over 15 plus years of experience. When the duty to serve they country shows up, they don’t renege and do so right away as shown by Geoffrey’s stand on foreign trusts.



The stand that New Zealand has taken about Tax Reporting

There are various stories that have been doing rounds in the media regarding the state of New Zealand when it comes to tax reporting. The stories that are making rounds make the country sound like one of those thriller movies where monies stolen from foreign countries are used to finance lavish lifestyles such as holidays in five star hotels, expensive cars and the likes, but, the reality is that New Zealand is not that kind of a country, and as a matter of fact, it is the exact opposite of such countries.

The OECD keeps a list of countries that it has listed to be tax havens; New Zealand has never been and might never become part of this list. The most common characteristic of tax havens is the fact that if they impose any taxes, they are only nominal taxes. Besides that, there is a lot of lack of transparency and the governments involved do as much as they can to limit the free exchange of information between themselves and the country looking for the information. The fact that the country does not have a secretive banking industry is enough evidence that the country is not a tax haven.

Then, there is the model agreement to exchange all information on matters related to tax, which was enforced in 2002. New Zealand was one of the first countries to make the white list by the OECD. When a foreigner wants to establish a trust locally, there is a process they have to take. This includes submitting a foreign trust disclosure form. The details that should be in the form include the trust deed, settlements and distributions details, the money received and spent details and also one’s assets and liabilities.

All these are records that should be written in English and stored within the country at all times. When these conditions are not met, heavy penalties are imposed on the trustee, which could include the loss of permission to operate within the country.


About Geoff Cone

The author of this article, Geoff Cone, is one of the most experienced lawyers when it comes to estates and tax laws. He started his practice in 1999 after working for various companies as a litigator. Geoff graduated from the University of Otago and had worked as a litigator both locally and abroad before starting his practice.

In 2005 he was joined by Karen Marshall, who also has a lot of experience in foreign trusts and tax laws. She became a senior partner in 2006 and together they created the Cone Marshall LLC. The company is one of the very few that deal exclusively with foreign trusts and estate taxes. The services they offer is unmatched by any other company.


The Eucatex Company Continues To Make Waves

Eucatex is Brazil’s most innovative and eco-friendly Company that utilizes natural materials to manufacture unique home-care products like furniture. Eucatex is also a leading international supplier of construction and furniture materials. The company produces materials for the production of both home comfort and industrial products. The company also utilizes the Eucalyptus wood to create paints. The company is famous in Brazil and is ranked as the most environment pleasant company. The company also has other business dealings across the globe with its headquarters located in Salto, Sao Paulo.

Flavio Maluf is the President and Chief Executive Officer Eucatex. Flavio Maluf has been exceptional in the Company’s top management spot. His education skills from the Sao Paulo Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) University present him lots of experience in the business world. Maluf has also lived abroad during his New York University management course. He has an exclusive advantage in corporate business. This gives him the opportunity to serve other companies such as the GrandFood. He has also led to the establishment of a new affiliate company known as the Botucatu factory in Salto in São Paulo. Maluf has demonstrated his entrepreneurial understanding to build the company into a global participant in the building and construction industry. Maluf is also philanthropic and donates to the Idio Carli Maternity Hospital. Flavio Maluf also established a website where he gives expert advice meant to aid Startup Companies. He also presents individuals with suggestions of doing successful interviews and how to attain the corporate leadership ladder.

He has brought significant success to the company and accomplished a lot in helping the organization to expand its business field as well as its core idea of environment protection. The company was established during the past era when companies did not pay much attention to their pollution implications. Eucatex had already instituted high-quality standards for environment protection regardless the establishment of the International Environment Protection laws. The company had adopted policies to reduce the environment degradation extends. The company has been proficient to manufacture profitable environment-friendly products up to date.

Investment success; the story of Brian Bonar

Many people think that succeeding in business comes automatically after you get a degree in finance from the university. While getting a school degree is the best basis you can get for people that want to invest, but to understand how everything in the market works, hands on experience is the best teacher.

The other great benefit that you get when you decide to go into the business world is that you get a chance to use your personality traits to your advantage. This is the path that one Brian Bonar took in his investment journey and now, decades after he began, the results of his business model are clearly visible.

Brian Bonar is the CEO of the Dalrada Financial Corp. He has been working in the financial markets for many years. He is in charge of supervising all the activities that happen in the business and deal with aftermarkets for goods and services. He studies the financial markets and gives advice on the information and solutions that will help them grow their businesses.

Brian is also the CEO at Imaging Technologies Corporation. The company develops software that performs color management and also manages the hardware that is used in digital imaging.

The hard work and unrelenting spirit of the man have been the impetus behind the rise of the company from a mere development firm to a marketing organization with a huge reputation.

Brian says that one skill that has helped him make the best of his investment is the ability that he has to spot the opportunity in every adversity. The journey to the top of the corporate ladder has not been easy, but his resilient spirit is the reason he has made it this far.

There are certain skills that he has used to his advantage. The first is his ability to strategically acquire businesses and partnerships that have been beneficial to the growth of his businesses.

The other thing that has worked in his favor is that he is finance major. The skills that he learned in school have helped him on more than one occasion helped him make the best of every situation.

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar is an alumnus of Strathclyde College. After graduating, he proceeded to Staffordshire where he earned his masters in Finance. There are many other companies that he has worked with in the position of CEO. These include Adaptec, Inc and also Trucept, Inc.

His ability to combine classroom knowledge, real life experience and great personality traits is what keeps working for him in the market. The future is looking bright for this investor because his company keeps making huge gains each progressive quarter. Brian Bonar is one man to learn from when it comes to investing.


Will The CRDA Loan Be Paid Back By Devco?

Recently an article was written in the Press of Atlantic City website calling into question the repayment of a loan that the Middlesex County Improvement Authority received from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA).

The $20 million dollar loan was part of a development package used by the New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO) to bankroll the renovations of The Heldrich Hotel. The Heldrich is a 235 room hotel that sits in downtown New Brunswick. The renovation is part of a city wide initiative to draw more visitors to the New Brunswick area.

Currently the hotel is operating at about 63% capacity, but the attorney that brokered the deal for the New Brunswick Development Corporation, Christopher Paladino stated that he is not concerned with immediate repayment at this time and stated it would be a few more years for repayment. Major shareholders have received payment in the amount of $30 million dollars while minor shareholders haven’t seen a payment in years.

On the plus side, the Heldrich employs about 235 workers and generates 1.2 million in taxes for the city of New Brunswick. Backers of the hotel are positive that the hotel’s visitor rate will build up and be an asset to the city of New Brunswick.

DEVCO is a non profit redevelopment corporation that was founded in the 1970’s geared toward the rejuvenation of the downtown New Brunswick area. Praised for its economic model in development, DEVCO has overseen 1.6 billion in economic development for the city. DEVCO always has projects in development, capitalizing on past enterprises and seeking investors and funding for new projects.

White Shark Media And Why It Is Better To Gain Assistance For Internet Marketing

One of the ways many people try to make money online is through internet marketing. However, they soon find that this is actually a very difficult thing to pull off. There are a lot of factors that play into the success of the marketer. One of the factors that people have to consider before trying their hand at internet marketing is whether or not they are going to need assistance. Many people find it almost impossible to actually do the internet marketing on their own. This is why there are marketing firms that are available to help people achieve their goals.


White Shark Media is one of those firms. They do offer many different services for people. The client has he option of choosing the type of services that he wants. Otherwise, a professional is going to take the time to look at the site and decide what services are best for the company. For instance, he could look at the site and decide whether the business is best served by local SEO or mobile advertising. In many cases, it is a good idea to try to use many different measures for the success of the company.


White Shark Media is also very honest with what it is doing. The clients know everything about what the company is doing to bring in the conversions for the client. Therefore, people do not have to worry about being left out of the loop on what they are doing. White Shark Media offers tools that people could use to check up on the campaigns.


It is very rare for someone to succeed all on his own. Even if he succeeds, it is most likely that his success is going to be limited. With the help of White Shark Media, he can be lifted of some of the burdens of carrying the business.

The Future Looking Bright for Texan Financial Giant

With the recent announcement by financial services company NexBank Capital that the Dallas-based bank is acquiring College Savings Bank of Princeton, the future looks brighter than ever for the Texan institution, at least in economic terms. The firm, whose charter dates back to 1922, focuses on Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Investment Banking. Nexbank’s clients range from top financial institutions, corporations, and individuals throughout the United States.

Nexbank prides itself in providing top-quality and customer-tailored financial services to meet the highly specialized needs of its different clients. As a result of the financial institution’s commitment to delivering professional and unrivaled services, its reputation as a top financial solutions provider continues to flourish, and the firm’s prominence in the banking industry seems secure for a long time to come.

The acquisition of the New Jersey Bank is the result of many years of planning by NexBank, whose interest in College Savings dates back to the company’s establishment in1987. The announcement demonstrates the continued success of the Dallas-based financial firm and shows the bank’s ambitions to reach a wider number of customers. College Savings Bank is at the helm of program management for the Indiana CollegeChoice CD 529 Savings Plan as well as Arizona Family College Savings Program-Bank Plan.
The addition of College Savings Bank of New Jersey into its fold enables NexBank to extend its services to include the 529 college savings programs already offered by the New Jersey Bank. Although the details of the deal remain unreleased, John Holt, the president and CEO of NexBank disclosed in a press release that College Savings Bank will retain its name, branding, and operations as a division of NexBank Capital Inc. Given the impressive record of successes at NexBank, the acquisition points to bright financial future for both firms.

Igor Cornelsen Explains The Brazilian Economy


Who Is Igor Cornelsen?


He is a financial investor who currently works the Bainbridge Group. Based in the Bahamas, the Bainbridge Group invests and provides financial consultation services to its clients. Stocks, commodities and foreign investments are the specialties of the investment group.


Igor Cornelsen made a name for himself by investing money in Brazil. He has served as a banking consultant in the country. At one point, Mr. Cornelsen was a director of one of Brazil’s largest banks. The bank prospered under his leadership and gained worldwide acclaim.


Mr. Cornelsen is now semi-retired and lives in South Florida. His favorite hobby is playing golf. He still travels constantly to Brazil to provide advice and invest on behalf of his clients in the Brazilian stock market and industry. Igor also provides mentoring through the Bainbridge group to young investors looking to breakthrough in the stock markets.


Igor Cornelsen likes to first mention why should you consider investing in Brazil? He believes that it is an overlooked investment opportunity. Brazil has the eight biggest economy in the world, that is expected to expand in the future. It is also the largest and most populous country in Latin America. Brazil has plenty of natural resources such as timber, minerals, and oil. It is a major food producing country. The country produces foodstuffs and natural resources that will always be in demand regardless of how well the global economy does. This should make Brazil attractive to any investor says Cornelsen in his iCrowdNewsWire report.


If you decide to invest in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen says that you should keep a close eye on the economy of China. Cornelsen explains that China is the biggest trade partner of Brazil. A robust Chinese economy means that Brazilian raw materials will fetch higher prices in China. However, there is a flip side to the partnership. China competes with Brazil when it comes to exports of manufactured goods to other countries in Latin America. It may be safe to say that booming Chinese manufacturing can help raw material producers such as logging, mining and oil companies. It can make it more difficult for manufacturers such as furniture makers to compete in exports though.


Sam Tabar’s Advice On Parenting


Sam Tabar has a lot to say about many topics. Among the many things that he talks about investing and law. However, he has went to unexpected territory when he wrote an article that talks about when a parent should quit supporting his or her child. One of the things that parents often have to deal with is the temptation to continue carrying their children. Among the things they try to do for their adult children is help them with their expenses. However, the children may not necessarily want that. There are a few things that parents should look at when it comes to helping their children.


Sam Tabar himself is not only speaking about investments and finances, but also speaking from a common sense stand point. From one thing, he does not see the point in a parent helping a child when the child has more money than the parent. There are some children that have investment accounts while parents have less than $400 saved up. Some of the adult children that are working have more than $9,000 in their savings account. Sam himself who has worked in many different companies. He has held positions in Merrill Lynch.


Sam is also well traveled and fluent in several languages. He has also done some work in law as an attorney. He has made a name for himself in different industries. He is also an accomplished writer that offers plenty of insights to people in many different aspects of life. Among the more recent accomplishments he has under his belt is the appointment as COO in FullCycle Energy Fund. He has not only shown a lot of wisdom in money management, but he has also shown that he has a great understanding of laws and business ethics. Sam Tabar worked very hard and achieved a lot in his career.  Follow Sam alongside his official website, or you can also read about his appointment at FullCycle Fund on PR Newswire.