Cone Marshall Defends New Zealand on the Issue of Foreign Trusts

Cone Marshall is a force to reckon and has been on the forefront of solving the most complex of legal cases. Based in New Zealand, the law firm rose from humble begins, led by a team of experienced and ingenious professionals to international prominence enjoying a prestigious status few rival law firms get to boast of.


Since 1999, Cone Marshal law firm has focused on two main areas in law: estate and tax cases. Their clientele comprises of big corporations and wealthy respectable individuals both in New Zealand and International water. Part of what makes Cone Marshall a big name in legal circles is their experience in handling even the complex of cases referred to them by other attorneys.


Karen Marshall is one-half of the law firm and a major stronghold who joined in 2005 and later made partner by becoming the company’s principal in 2006. Before that, Karen was already established in the legal industry gaining over 10 years’ experience in commercial court cases. As a principal of Cone Marshall, she acts as an advisory to statutory trustee firms, a job she does well, given her 15-year expertise in law.


Cone Marshall has been instrumental in publishing legal articles focusing on various issues, one of them being the issue of foreign trusts within New Zealand soil. Geoffrey Cone, the other half of Cone Marshall, in his lengthy article on NZ Herald defends his home country on the foreign trust predicament raised in a past article.


According to Cone, there were claims that New Zealand was a tax haven for investors which is an absolutely lie. A tax haven is a country or jurisdiction that only levies nominal taxes, practices secrecy on taxation issues and that it harbors laws that encourage a limited or selective exchange of information with other governments, especially on the issue of taxation.


Defending his country, Geoffrey Cone clarified that New Zealand has over 39 agreements on double tax and an additional 20 agreements on information exchange. All these regulations were put in place to show New Zealand’s transparency in tax and to curb the issue of tax avoidance or evasion by both wealthy locals and international investors. Thus the existence of foreign trusts in the country doesn’t necessary mean that it’s tax evasion haven for the sophisticated and wealthy.


Bottom Line

Karen and Geoffrey are the two chief experts who turn the wheels of fate at Cone Marshall. They both come from an impressive background of handling legal issues with over 15 plus years of experience. When the duty to serve they country shows up, they don’t renege and do so right away as shown by Geoffrey’s stand on foreign trusts.



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