Igor Cornelsen Explains The Brazilian Economy


Who Is Igor Cornelsen?


He is a financial investor who currently works the Bainbridge Group. Based in the Bahamas, the Bainbridge Group invests and provides financial consultation services to its clients. Stocks, commodities and foreign investments are the specialties of the investment group.


Igor Cornelsen made a name for himself by investing money in Brazil. He has served as a banking consultant in the country. At one point, Mr. Cornelsen was a director of one of Brazil’s largest banks. The bank prospered under his leadership and gained worldwide acclaim.


Mr. Cornelsen is now semi-retired and lives in South Florida. His favorite hobby is playing golf. He still travels constantly to Brazil to provide advice and invest on behalf of his clients in the Brazilian stock market and industry. Igor also provides mentoring through the Bainbridge group to young investors looking to breakthrough in the stock markets.


Igor Cornelsen likes to first mention why should you consider investing in Brazil? He believes that it is an overlooked investment opportunity. Brazil has the eight biggest economy in the world, that is expected to expand in the future. It is also the largest and most populous country in Latin America. Brazil has plenty of natural resources such as timber, minerals, and oil. It is a major food producing country. The country produces foodstuffs and natural resources that will always be in demand regardless of how well the global economy does. This should make Brazil attractive to any investor says Cornelsen in his iCrowdNewsWire report.


If you decide to invest in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen says that you should keep a close eye on the economy of China. Cornelsen explains that China is the biggest trade partner of Brazil. A robust Chinese economy means that Brazilian raw materials will fetch higher prices in China. However, there is a flip side to the partnership. China competes with Brazil when it comes to exports of manufactured goods to other countries in Latin America. It may be safe to say that booming Chinese manufacturing can help raw material producers such as logging, mining and oil companies. It can make it more difficult for manufacturers such as furniture makers to compete in exports though.


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