Investment success; the story of Brian Bonar

Many people think that succeeding in business comes automatically after you get a degree in finance from the university. While getting a school degree is the best basis you can get for people that want to invest, but to understand how everything in the market works, hands on experience is the best teacher.

The other great benefit that you get when you decide to go into the business world is that you get a chance to use your personality traits to your advantage. This is the path that one Brian Bonar took in his investment journey and now, decades after he began, the results of his business model are clearly visible.

Brian Bonar is the CEO of the Dalrada Financial Corp. He has been working in the financial markets for many years. He is in charge of supervising all the activities that happen in the business and deal with aftermarkets for goods and services. He studies the financial markets and gives advice on the information and solutions that will help them grow their businesses.

Brian is also the CEO at Imaging Technologies Corporation. The company develops software that performs color management and also manages the hardware that is used in digital imaging.

The hard work and unrelenting spirit of the man have been the impetus behind the rise of the company from a mere development firm to a marketing organization with a huge reputation.

Brian says that one skill that has helped him make the best of his investment is the ability that he has to spot the opportunity in every adversity. The journey to the top of the corporate ladder has not been easy, but his resilient spirit is the reason he has made it this far.

There are certain skills that he has used to his advantage. The first is his ability to strategically acquire businesses and partnerships that have been beneficial to the growth of his businesses.

The other thing that has worked in his favor is that he is finance major. The skills that he learned in school have helped him on more than one occasion helped him make the best of every situation.

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar is an alumnus of Strathclyde College. After graduating, he proceeded to Staffordshire where he earned his masters in Finance. There are many other companies that he has worked with in the position of CEO. These include Adaptec, Inc and also Trucept, Inc.

His ability to combine classroom knowledge, real life experience and great personality traits is what keeps working for him in the market. The future is looking bright for this investor because his company keeps making huge gains each progressive quarter. Brian Bonar is one man to learn from when it comes to investing.


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