Eric Pulier’s Competition Selects Finalists

Eric Pulier’s competition, XPRIZE, has recently selected the two finalists for its most recent competition. In an effort to replicate the technology as seen in Star Trek, XPRIZE has fashioned its challenge this year around creating a mobile diagnostic device similar to the tricorder famously used on the television show. Each year, the innovation board of XPRIZE, of which Eric Pulier is a member, creates a new challenge for participants to undertake. As for this year, the grand prize is estimated to be around $10 million for the developer that best captures the essence of the challenge.

In terms of the finalists, the two current developers in the running are quite literally a world apart. Dynamical Biomarkers Group is situated in Zhongli City, Taiwan. Their team is made up of specialists from a variety of fields in many different parts of the world, including experts from Harvard Medical School. By contrast, their competition is located in Pennsylvania. Final Frontier Medical Devices is led by two brothers, who have separately gone into medicine and network engineering. By combining their skills, they have managed to present fierce competition to Dynamical Biomarkers Group.

As for Eric Pulier’s involvement in the competition, this is just another effort in a long series of attempts to inspire communities and spur technological advances. Eric Pulier and XPRIZE collectively believe that that the best way to advance society and make progress is to interact with people and entice them to make the changes themselves. By presenting a prize and giving people a series of realizable goals, XPRIZE hopes to make people think both creatively and practically, so that their end result can have a real impact on the future of the world. While it remains to be seen who wins this year’s XPRIZE competition, at least it’s clear that Pulier’s impact is a positive one.

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