Keith Mann: Doing What Is Right

Let’s be honest here: the world needs more people that do what is right. There are too many people that simply turn a blind eye in most situations. If it does not directly involve them, they see no reason to go through with it and they see no reason to stick with it. They have no interest in it. They just let the person or persons go on suffering without taking action and making changes happen. That is why someone like Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners is such a refreshing change of pace in the world. He is the type of person that will go the extra mile and go the distance.


Recently, Mann held a fundraiser along with Dynamics Search Partners to help the Uncommon School Districts. This is something that means a great deal to Keith Mann. He knows these kids need a shot and they want a shot. They want it more than anything in the world. They want to be able to attend a four year college and make their dreams come true. In many situations, they come from backgrounds where they have both mom and dad working two jobs. It is tough, but they never complain and they keep pushing forward knowing there are better days ahead.


With this fundraiser raising over twenty-two thousand dollars, it is clear those better days are right around the corner for these kids and that is something to celebrate. Keith Mann has made a huge impression on these kids, a lasting impression, no less, and this is something they won’t soon forget. All they have asked for is a chance to go to college and now they get that chance. What they do with it after that, that is up to them, but at least they know they can go and they can work their tail off and make things easier for them and their families.


They are forever thankful and grateful to someone like Keith Mann for going out of his way to make this happen and setting it all up. It is not easy, but it is most certainly worth it.

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