Online Reputations Depend on Keeping Online Personal Data Private

One of the key factors of Online Reputation Reviews management is the ability to keep private personal data where it belongs, private. However, with all the recent hacks and intrusions into online databases that thousands have thought were secure, the question is now stuck in everyone’s mind, is anything only really secure and private anymore?

Yahoo’s press release that it had a major account breach three years ago, exposing millions to outside data capture and loss, is just the latest in a series of reports of companies losing data. What was buried in that news chatter is also the fact that, according to CBS News, Evernote has also systematically been letting its engineers examine private records and data to do their business.

Ideally, the best way to protect one’s online reputation with regards to data is to not put it online in the first place. However, in today’s digital world, that’s simply not practical. There’s simply too much demand to have access to data and records online and often times under remote conditions. So the old-fashioned method of retrieving a file from a home computer simply doesn’t work anymore.

Clearly, using public services for important personal data is just not viable. These large databases are just too salivating for hackers and those who want to grab large amounts of private data for filtering through and finding compromising gems. The key in preventing online reputations being damaged with data loss now is to either use a private locker that can be accessed via the web, or to use a similar secure service that isn’t quite a popular, i.e. one that gets lost in the crowd. Anonymity is a well-known defense, often being very effective while still quite visible and present.


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