How Vincent Parascandola and AXA Advisors are changing the Insurance Industry.

AXA is a French multinational Insurance company that was founded in 1816 with its headquarters in Paris. The firm engages in investment management, financial and global insurance services. Initially, the company was identified as Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie. It later changed its name in various instances after acquiring other companies. It was once called Mutuelles Unies and Mutuelles Unies/Drouot. It settled the name AXA in 1985 as it was easy for any individual regardless of religion pronounce the name. Majorly, the firm operates in the Asia Pacific, North America the Middle East, Western Europe and Africa; the firm is also involved in philanthropic initiatives that help the general community. The company created AXA Research Fund that is aimed at researching on the risks that threaten the human life and its environment. It has more than two hundred researchers trying to understand these risks and how they can be avoided.

Currently, Vincent Parascandola is the Senior Executive VP of one of the AXA Group affiliate company, AXA Advisors. As the Senior Executive Vice President, his responsibilities include developing new and experienced professionals, overseeing the sales, recruiting new financial professionals, managing productivity and development and retention of unwanted individuals. He earned his B.S degree from Pace University that laid his education foundation. His experience of more twenty years in the insurance industry is what made him fit for this position. His career journey began back in 1987 when he was an agent as Prudential. He has held numerous leadership positions before he joined AXA Advisors that that helped sharpening his leadership skills.

He later joined MONY Life Insurance Firm three years later where he held various regional and local field management positions. In 2004 is when he settled with AXA Advisors. Recognized for the good work he does in the industry, Mr. Vincent has received various management awards in his career paths such as Master Agency Awards and GAMA’S Career Development. He has also been given chances to speak at numerous industry and company conferences such as LIMRA’s Distribution conferences and GAMA’s national LAMP Meeting. He hopes to continue helping and changing the insurance company with his good deeds and experience.


The Copa Star Hospital; an excellent place to recover

Not many people associate hospitals with happiness or comfort. To most, it is the one place that you should only visit if you have to. However, there is an organization that is seeking to change the way that everyone thinks about the entire concept of staying in hospital by establishing the five star hospital experiences. The D’Or network has been establishing a network of hospitals around Brazil, with the latest one being located in Copa Cabana. One of the founding members of the society that is creating the hospitals states that it is a concept of its own kind.

The first thing that people notice to be different about these hospitals is the level of comfort that they experience when getting treatment there. The rooms which act as the wards have been brought to the standards of a five star hotel, meaning that the patients will be very comfortable when recuperating there. Then, the caregivers are selected and trained in a manner that offers them superior quality health care, but in an environment that is much better than the conventional hospital.

The marketing of the hospital is based around the sale of the idea that the hospital is still one of the best providers for quality health care services. The aesthetic and other qualities that have been added to the hospitals are secondary to the main purpose of the hospital, which is the provision of treatment for their patients. The hospital is well equipped to deal with cardiac and neurological units and 59 ICUs. All these are meant to deliver the best to all the patients.

The hospital also boasts suites that are spacious and the best recreational areas for the patients. These include meal delivery services, great pools, saunas and hot baths, spas and wellness centers and sunbathing lounges where one can relax and forget about the sad feeling that comes from being confined to a hospital.

The architectural build of the hospital done by Rafarquitetura is another thing worth mentioning. The hospital was designed by some of the best in Brazil and has been described as the perfect meeting of style and versatility. Everything from the state of the art lobby to the wards and all other amenities make a statement of elegance. The hospital boasts of patient centered care by first of all incorporating technology into their service delivery. They have top of the range MRI machines and professional employees.

The construction is five floors tall, covers an area of 10,000 square feet and was constructed at a cost of $115 million. They also have 105 wards, a diagnostic unit and 150 bed capacities. The hospital is one of a kind in Brazil and has been hailed as novelty in the provision of healthcare services. Visit and Like their page on Facebook.

Vijay Eswaran: The Big-Hearted Entrepreneur

Vijay’s Background

Vijay Eswaran was born in October 1960 in Malaysia. He is the executive chairman of the Hong Kong-based QI Group, an author, motivational speaker, and philanthropist. He attained a socio-economic degree from the London School of Economics in 1984. After graduating, he did several casual jobs to make ends meet. He learned of binary system marketing while in England, which motivated him to pursue a professional certificate from CIMA in the UK.

He later joined the Southern Illinois University, where he received an MBA in 1986. While pursuing his Master’s, he did multi-level marketing for Synaptics on a part-time basis. He returned to Malaysia where he was approached by COSWAY Group to establish its Philippines branch, after which he began taking multi-level marketing seriously.

QI Group

After spending much of his career working for others, Vijay decided it was time to start his own venture. In 1998, he partnered up with entrepreneurs on the same wavelength to establish the QI group. The firm is a consortium based on internet marketing that distributes services in the corporate, travel, luxury, training, and telecommunication sectors.

The enterprise met several challenges in its early days, ranging from little capital to recessions in the Asian economy. However, it weathered the storm and overcame these stumbling blocks. The business strategies employed by Vijay and his companions saw the company emerge as a direct selling organization, offering an array of products.

Customer numbers rapidly increased. To match with the escalating demand, the group opened numerous branches across the continent. In addition to the new offices in over 30 countries, the institution expanded its marketing to YouTube, which opened up a global audience.

The aggressive marketing tactics resulted in $750 million worth of yearly revenues. The QI group is currently the leading global provider of multi-level marketing.


Vijay is the founder of two charity foundations, RYTHM Foundation and Vijayaratnam Foundation. RYTHM is mainly concerned with global disaster mitigation, children and community development, and education while the latter aims at empowering youth and women, mentorship, and environmental conservation in Malaysia.

His efforts in charity were recently acknowledged by Forbes Asia when he was named in the magazine’s philanthropy heroes list. The list, published annually, aims to recognize noblemen and women from the Asian continent who have donated money in support of humanitarian causes.

Discover why Mikhail Blagosklonny is an exceptional in the field of science

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a known scientist. He has a huge desire in sciences that have developed since his childhood. He is keen to research of what makes things happen in a particular manner. It has led home to have an impact in the industry. Today he is mostly concerned with determining the relationship between age and the ailments it accompanies like cancer. High education has triggered his discoveries. He is a product of Pavlov State University. In the institution, he attained his M.D and later Ph.D. The qualification has made him act as associate professor of New York Medical College. He is glad to be a senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute. Moreover, Mikhail lecturers the oncology classes at Roswell Park Institute.

He is concerned with ensuring that the Oncotarget deliver quality information. In the press, he works as an editor. His position in the media is due to his willingness to sacrifice his time and resources to see the science field have a greater growth. Moreover, as a scientist, he has much to offer to the journal readers.

As cancer and other aging-related diseases are on the rise Mikhail Blagosklonny has embarked on many types of research meant to reverse the trend. He hopes his research will form a key pillar in ensuring that there is the establishment of the remedy for the diseases. He hopes to achieve this by making sure that the healthy cells are not affected by the factors that cause illnesses like cancer.

It has led him to be involved in many types of research like the TOR signaling. Here they are determining the relation of the mTOR and cell functioning. In the research, they are keen to learn why the mTOR attacks the healthy cells.

Mikhail links his success with the passion and determination plus hard work that has seen him have great success in the sector. He believes all the problems affecting the health of the persons could get eradicated if considerable research was done. Is in this believe that he has tirelessly got involved in the project after project making discoveries that may in future make the sector solve some of the worse crisis.

Get a chance to work with Talk Fusion for free

In the year 2007 Talk Fusion firm got formed. It’s a member of the prestigious Direct Selling Association. It’s endowed to be world’s first company to adopt a mechanism of instant pay for the associates. It runs in more than 140 countries globally. It has been facilitated by their policy of helping business witness growth through modern marketing method. It currently has Bob Reina s CEO and Founder. He is a keen believer that success comes with the large need for the organization to give back to the community.

Concerning this, the team has been involved in many philanthropic activities globally. The firm’s leading charities get aimed at improving the life of all both the animals and the people.

Marketing has never been such easy with the launch of 30-day free trial video marketing by Talk Vision. The offer is meant to be available to over 140 countries where the talk Fission has its operation. To cover the clients even well it comes in 9 different languages thus making all the business owner and individual make the best out of the offer. The launch is meant to provide firsthand information to potential clients that would wish to taste the impact of the video marketing service provided by the firm.

According to the Talk Fusion CEO, the service they offer are more superior, and they intend to have the services accessible to all people globally as they have been seen to have more benefits that will make them make the future purchase.

The offer is available for individuals, businesses and all who are interested in having more increase in sales. To be eligible for the offer you must have an email address and name. There are the two requirements to enable you to sign up the talk fusion site. In a manner to make the process comfortable and safe, we do not require personal information or the credit card you will thus guarantee to be navigating among the most reliable sites.

The benefits involved in sign-up for the free trial include unlimited access to the virtual library that has the resources that will provide information to have your business flourish. Among the services you can access through the library include the video product tutorials.

For increased sales and information and practical view of the services talk fusion offers, feel free to visit their website and have primary information



Why Hawks’ Former Management Pursued Insurance Company In A Lawsuit

The Atlanta Hawks has gone to court with details about New Hampshire Insurance for alleged breach of contract. The company had initiated a transaction with the insurance firm and there are claims that were about to be settled, but contrary to the agreement signed earlier, New Hampshire Insurance Company breached the contract. The contract was signed by the former management team of the Atlanta Hawks and among top professionals who oversaw the process is controlling partner Bruce Levenson.

The lawsuit was filed on 13th September in the Superior Court of Fulton. The company is sued for civil action for breaching contract and insurance bad faith. As AHBE describes the process, the company claims the policy was designed to cover employment practices losses like wrongful termination and torts. In a report by ESPN, the court claims that AHBE issued notice on 2nd April, 2015.

According to the current Atlanta Hawks administration, the company has said they are fully aware of the happenings and despite the fact they are tied to it, they are not going to issue comments on the matter since the issue was initiated by a different team.

The confidential documents issued by the court state that the evidence presented is sufficient to qualify for a claim payment from the insurance firm. The refusal of AIG to acknowledge the claim further complicates the situation and gives Atlanta Hawks a better chance to pursue the company in a court of law.

About Bruce Levenson

The former owner of NBA, Bruce Levenson is also a renowned philanthropist reveals PR News and a successful businessman. He once served as the Governor of Hawks from 2004 until his exit and he is the brain behind the formation of the United Communications Group (UCG). Born to Jewish parents, Bruce Levenson spent most of his childhood in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He attended the American University and the Washington University for degrees in Law.



Erick Lefkofsky’s Dedication to Fighting Cancer Leads Him to Found Tempus.

A lot of people talk the talk on giving back to the society in an impacting way. Erick Lefkofsky, on the other hand, is a man who walks this talk. The renowned businessman and entrepreneur has put so much into making lives in his community better. His most remarkable project is a venture called Tempus. This is an operating system that has been engineered with cutting-edge technology to enhance the fight against cancer. Erick Lefkofksy is in the heart of the venture being a co-founder and the current chief executive officer. See for more. is a company that is on a mission to change the norms in how genomic data is utilized in clinical settings. This operating system takes data, and analyses it to come out as useful information to be used by physicians. Through this program, the treatment of every patient is going to be crucial in the treatment of others after him. Tempus may greatly help doctors make groundbreaking advances in fighting the killer ailment.


Erick Lefkofsky is not renowned only for his fight against cancer. He has other various philanthropic interests. In 2006, Erick and his wife Liz established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This charitable organization is focused on developing initiatives that enhance life in the communities served. Erick’s lion share of the contribution goes to improve lives in his hometown of Chicago. Through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, Erick contributes to several areas which include, human rights, education, medical research, and arts and culture. Erick Lefkofsky has also signed the Giving Pledge, meaning that he has sworn to give out over half of his worth to charity before he passes on.

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Erick Lefkofsky’s entrepreneurial career has nothing short of a stellar track record. This individual who can be termed as a serial entrepreneur began his career at the University of Michigan; where he attained a doctor of jurisprudence as well as a Bachelor of Arts/Science. In his remarkable portfolio, Erick boasts of being the founder of Groupon. This was a worldwide e-commerce marketplace which grew to become a darling to many. He has also co-founded Uptake Technologies; a major predictive analysis program for world’s leading industries.



What Jeffry Schneider and His Team Do At Ascendant Capital.

CEO and President of Ascendant Capital LLC is Jeffry Schneider. The company is in Austin, Texas. With a broad range of education, marketing, and sales services; Ascendant Capital LLC swings in the market with a creative approach towards financial structuring. The firm has raised funds for infant and established alternative property fund sponsors. Working with a network of broker-dealers, Family Offices, Registered Investment Advisors, and Private Banks; Ascendant Capital LLC distributes these private and public offerings internationally.


Under Schneider’s tenure, Ascendant Capital LLC has rapidly expanded its services over the last five years. The growth is evident by the number of employees enrolled, from only two to new thirty employees. In the period of half a decade, Schneider and his team have managed to raise almost a billion dollars on behalf of a few managers. ACL works with more than 250 investment advisors, numerous family offices, and 50 broker-dealers. The $1 billion dollars raised have been used to acquire auto dealerships, real estates, I.T related firms and many more other diverse companies. While this growth is encouraging, Jeffry Schneider and Ascendant Capital LLC have no intention of stopping as they see the light at the end of the tunnel for Ascendant Capital. For the 12 months in this year, they’re anticipating to raise $50 million in each month.


Mr. Jeffry Schneider holds strong faith in alternative investments as an excellent way to reduce volatility and diversify holdings given where the market stands today. They’ve realized a strong growth in recent years, and this trend will only pick up its speed in years to come.

Ascendant Capital’s encourages a sense of trust and open dialogue between team members. Mr. Schneider prides himself on this idea of transparency and extends it externally as well. Ascendant Capital has an alignment of interests, but the most prioritized one is fiduciary responsibility towards investors.


Jeffry Schneider worked for Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management before holding office in Ascendant Capital LLC. He also did a stint at Alex Brown, Smith Barney, and Merrill Lynch. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Massachusetts, Amherst University.


Mr. Schneider looks out for his health by participating in almost all upcoming marathons, and iron man’s programs as well as eating healthy. He also loves traveling and has been to cities in South America, Europe, and Asia. His philanthropic works are evident in the donations he contributes to charitable organizations like Cherokee Home for Children, God Loves We Deliver, Wonders and Worries, as well as the Gazelle Foundation.


As the founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, Jeffry Schneider has assisted in raising 1billion dollars and created employment for 28 new employees in his firm. Currently, he resides in Austin, Texas.

The Tantalizing Tastes Of The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard started in 2001 as a subsidiary of Geerlings & Wade, which is a popular wine cataloger. It then went on to becoming an industry that handles direct sales of the highest quality wines and distributing everywhere within the United States.

The Traveling Vineyard’s concept is to bring wine tasting with a new refreshing twist such as the wine tasting parties. The wine consultants set up weekly wine tasting parties with some of the finest wines from all over the world. Some of the wines selected include Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Inzolia, Orvieto, as well as some other wines. These superb wines are imported from Italy, France, Spain, Australia, the United States, and from some other countries as well. The Traveling Vineyards’ wine cellar provides all of the wines, and they also offer various wine accessories and all the party trimmings the party requires.

The wine consultants are equipped with starter kits to begin their Traveling Vineyard wine business. The tools include the party invitations and wine tasting supplies such as wine bottle openers, wine tasting buckets, order forms, a consultant manual, and the wine catalogs. The wines offered are such a wide selection with affordable prices that the guests will surely find something they enjoy. The Traveling Vineyard consultants also get their own website so they can sell their products online and have a link to social media where they can display the wines and grow their number of customers. Social media offers a great way of showcasing the wines while promoting the name and gaining popularity.

The wine consultants receive sales commissions anywhere from 15% to 35% depending on their monthly sales. And of course the more effort they put into their work, the higher their commissions will be. Besides the commissions, wine consultants also receive host discounts and complimentary bottles of wine depending on the amount they sell.

Furthermore, guests can qualify to receive discounts based on how many wine bottles they purchase. And with most of the wines starting at $20 it’s affordable to purchase a selection of wines. For the top selling wine consultants, they get a chance to earn vacation trips as well.

A wine consultant for The Traveling Vineyard is a fun, stress-free way of earning a substantial income while meeting new people, by hosting wine tasting parties, selling online, distributing catalogs, or selling one on one. Anyone can participate to host a wine tasting party since it’s easy, enjoyable, no out of pocket money is spent, and they’re able to taste some of the most delectable wines of the world.


Fabulous Fabletics!


Most people have at least heard of the company Fabletics. Its co-founder Kate Hudson is reason enough to get the company on the average person’s radar. The monthly subscription service offers cool and stylish work out clothing and gear which is affordable to everyone even those who earn a modest salary. Below are a few non-sponsored reviews of the company and more information about their trendy products.


According to the Krazy Coupon Lady, Fabletics is an awesome deal allowing the any girl access to casual yet stylish workout clothing. The company provides great deals with deals starting around $100 for three pieces of clothing but consumers can enjoy a large discount on their first purchase. Fabletics clothing is as luxurious as articles offered by higher end retailers. The service is a monthly subscription which means consumers will receive fabulous outfits on a certain day of the month but can always log in to cancel their subscription.


A Foodie Stays Fit also sings Fabletic’s praises. The site states that you may skip any months that you aren’t feeling fabulous. Terri from the site goes on to say that the clothing items are high quality and even compares them to a certain name brand clothing line which is more expensive than Fabletics. She also reports that customers can pick and choose items via the company’s website. Points are also given which equal free clothing items!


Another website giving Fabletics glowing reviews is Trust Pilot. Reviewers on this site give rave reviews of the company’s stylists. Having a stylist pick out your clothes for you is a plus for any busy woman looking to stay fit and look good while doing so. Consumers simply provide input as to what kind of clothing they might most enjoy.


Fabletics offers a variety of high quality items. Among the items available for purchas are tank tops, sports bras, and other comfortable yet fashionable gym shirts. Shorts, pants, and leggins are available for your bottom half. And let’s not forget about the wide array of accessories. Fabletics’ products also include work out bags, head bands, socks, water bottles, panties, and many more cool active wear and gym accessories.