Discover why Mikhail Blagosklonny is an exceptional in the field of science

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a known scientist. He has a huge desire in sciences that have developed since his childhood. He is keen to research of what makes things happen in a particular manner. It has led home to have an impact in the industry. Today he is mostly concerned with determining the relationship between age and the ailments it accompanies like cancer. High education has triggered his discoveries. He is a product of Pavlov State University. In the institution, he attained his M.D and later Ph.D. The qualification has made him act as associate professor of New York Medical College. He is glad to be a senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute. Moreover, Mikhail lecturers the oncology classes at Roswell Park Institute.

He is concerned with ensuring that the Oncotarget deliver quality information. In the press, he works as an editor. His position in the media is due to his willingness to sacrifice his time and resources to see the science field have a greater growth. Moreover, as a scientist, he has much to offer to the journal readers.

As cancer and other aging-related diseases are on the rise Mikhail Blagosklonny has embarked on many types of research meant to reverse the trend. He hopes his research will form a key pillar in ensuring that there is the establishment of the remedy for the diseases. He hopes to achieve this by making sure that the healthy cells are not affected by the factors that cause illnesses like cancer.

It has led him to be involved in many types of research like the TOR signaling. Here they are determining the relation of the mTOR and cell functioning. In the research, they are keen to learn why the mTOR attacks the healthy cells.

Mikhail links his success with the passion and determination plus hard work that has seen him have great success in the sector. He believes all the problems affecting the health of the persons could get eradicated if considerable research was done. Is in this believe that he has tirelessly got involved in the project after project making discoveries that may in future make the sector solve some of the worse crisis.

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