Fabulous Fabletics!


Most people have at least heard of the company Fabletics. Its co-founder Kate Hudson is reason enough to get the company on the average person’s radar. The monthly subscription service offers cool and stylish work out clothing and gear which is affordable to everyone even those who earn a modest salary. Below are a few non-sponsored reviews of the company and more information about their trendy products.


According to the Krazy Coupon Lady, Fabletics is an awesome deal allowing the any girl access to casual yet stylish workout clothing. The company provides great deals with deals starting around $100 for three pieces of clothing but consumers can enjoy a large discount on their first purchase. Fabletics clothing is as luxurious as articles offered by higher end retailers. The service is a monthly subscription which means consumers will receive fabulous outfits on a certain day of the month but can always log in to cancel their subscription.


A Foodie Stays Fit also sings Fabletic’s praises. The site states that you may skip any months that you aren’t feeling fabulous. Terri from the site goes on to say that the clothing items are high quality and even compares them to a certain name brand clothing line which is more expensive than Fabletics. She also reports that customers can pick and choose items via the company’s website. Points are also given which equal free clothing items!


Another website giving Fabletics glowing reviews is Trust Pilot. Reviewers on this site give rave reviews of the company’s stylists. Having a stylist pick out your clothes for you is a plus for any busy woman looking to stay fit and look good while doing so. Consumers simply provide input as to what kind of clothing they might most enjoy.


Fabletics offers a variety of high quality items. Among the items available for purchas are tank tops, sports bras, and other comfortable yet fashionable gym shirts. Shorts, pants, and leggins are available for your bottom half. And let’s not forget about the wide array of accessories. Fabletics’ products also include work out bags, head bands, socks, water bottles, panties, and many more cool active wear and gym accessories.

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