How Vincent Parascandola and AXA Advisors are changing the Insurance Industry.

AXA is a French multinational Insurance company that was founded in 1816 with its headquarters in Paris. The firm engages in investment management, financial and global insurance services. Initially, the company was identified as Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie. It later changed its name in various instances after acquiring other companies. It was once called Mutuelles Unies and Mutuelles Unies/Drouot. It settled the name AXA in 1985 as it was easy for any individual regardless of religion pronounce the name. Majorly, the firm operates in the Asia Pacific, North America the Middle East, Western Europe and Africa; the firm is also involved in philanthropic initiatives that help the general community. The company created AXA Research Fund that is aimed at researching on the risks that threaten the human life and its environment. It has more than two hundred researchers trying to understand these risks and how they can be avoided.

Currently, Vincent Parascandola is the Senior Executive VP of one of the AXA Group affiliate company, AXA Advisors. As the Senior Executive Vice President, his responsibilities include developing new and experienced professionals, overseeing the sales, recruiting new financial professionals, managing productivity and development and retention of unwanted individuals. He earned his B.S degree from Pace University that laid his education foundation. His experience of more twenty years in the insurance industry is what made him fit for this position. His career journey began back in 1987 when he was an agent as Prudential. He has held numerous leadership positions before he joined AXA Advisors that that helped sharpening his leadership skills.

He later joined MONY Life Insurance Firm three years later where he held various regional and local field management positions. In 2004 is when he settled with AXA Advisors. Recognized for the good work he does in the industry, Mr. Vincent has received various management awards in his career paths such as Master Agency Awards and GAMA’S Career Development. He has also been given chances to speak at numerous industry and company conferences such as LIMRA’s Distribution conferences and GAMA’s national LAMP Meeting. He hopes to continue helping and changing the insurance company with his good deeds and experience.


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