The Copa Star Hospital; an excellent place to recover

Not many people associate hospitals with happiness or comfort. To most, it is the one place that you should only visit if you have to. However, there is an organization that is seeking to change the way that everyone thinks about the entire concept of staying in hospital by establishing the five star hospital experiences. The D’Or network has been establishing a network of hospitals around Brazil, with the latest one being located in Copa Cabana. One of the founding members of the society that is creating the hospitals states that it is a concept of its own kind.

The first thing that people notice to be different about these hospitals is the level of comfort that they experience when getting treatment there. The rooms which act as the wards have been brought to the standards of a five star hotel, meaning that the patients will be very comfortable when recuperating there. Then, the caregivers are selected and trained in a manner that offers them superior quality health care, but in an environment that is much better than the conventional hospital.

The marketing of the hospital is based around the sale of the idea that the hospital is still one of the best providers for quality health care services. The aesthetic and other qualities that have been added to the hospitals are secondary to the main purpose of the hospital, which is the provision of treatment for their patients. The hospital is well equipped to deal with cardiac and neurological units and 59 ICUs. All these are meant to deliver the best to all the patients.

The hospital also boasts suites that are spacious and the best recreational areas for the patients. These include meal delivery services, great pools, saunas and hot baths, spas and wellness centers and sunbathing lounges where one can relax and forget about the sad feeling that comes from being confined to a hospital.

The architectural build of the hospital done by Rafarquitetura is another thing worth mentioning. The hospital was designed by some of the best in Brazil and has been described as the perfect meeting of style and versatility. Everything from the state of the art lobby to the wards and all other amenities make a statement of elegance. The hospital boasts of patient centered care by first of all incorporating technology into their service delivery. They have top of the range MRI machines and professional employees.

The construction is five floors tall, covers an area of 10,000 square feet and was constructed at a cost of $115 million. They also have 105 wards, a diagnostic unit and 150 bed capacities. The hospital is one of a kind in Brazil and has been hailed as novelty in the provision of healthcare services. Visit and Like their page on Facebook.

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