Vijay Eswaran: The Big-Hearted Entrepreneur

Vijay’s Background

Vijay Eswaran was born in October 1960 in Malaysia. He is the executive chairman of the Hong Kong-based QI Group, an author, motivational speaker, and philanthropist. He attained a socio-economic degree from the London School of Economics in 1984. After graduating, he did several casual jobs to make ends meet. He learned of binary system marketing while in England, which motivated him to pursue a professional certificate from CIMA in the UK.

He later joined the Southern Illinois University, where he received an MBA in 1986. While pursuing his Master’s, he did multi-level marketing for Synaptics on a part-time basis. He returned to Malaysia where he was approached by COSWAY Group to establish its Philippines branch, after which he began taking multi-level marketing seriously.

QI Group

After spending much of his career working for others, Vijay decided it was time to start his own venture. In 1998, he partnered up with entrepreneurs on the same wavelength to establish the QI group. The firm is a consortium based on internet marketing that distributes services in the corporate, travel, luxury, training, and telecommunication sectors.

The enterprise met several challenges in its early days, ranging from little capital to recessions in the Asian economy. However, it weathered the storm and overcame these stumbling blocks. The business strategies employed by Vijay and his companions saw the company emerge as a direct selling organization, offering an array of products.

Customer numbers rapidly increased. To match with the escalating demand, the group opened numerous branches across the continent. In addition to the new offices in over 30 countries, the institution expanded its marketing to YouTube, which opened up a global audience.

The aggressive marketing tactics resulted in $750 million worth of yearly revenues. The QI group is currently the leading global provider of multi-level marketing.


Vijay is the founder of two charity foundations, RYTHM Foundation and Vijayaratnam Foundation. RYTHM is mainly concerned with global disaster mitigation, children and community development, and education while the latter aims at empowering youth and women, mentorship, and environmental conservation in Malaysia.

His efforts in charity were recently acknowledged by Forbes Asia when he was named in the magazine’s philanthropy heroes list. The list, published annually, aims to recognize noblemen and women from the Asian continent who have donated money in support of humanitarian causes.

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