Do Fabletic Leggings Rival Pricer Brands?

Building a $250 million business in three years is no small feat, but is exactly what Kate Hudson did with her business Fabletics. Fabletics specializes in providing high-quality workout clothing for customers at an affordable price. Fabletics has made a name for themselves the past few years and through their business choices and products have stayed a top contender in the industry.


Fabletics started at as an exclusively online business. Making an impact in the online market is hard, especially considering Amazon controls 20% of the fashion e-commerce market. In order to grow into the strong business that they are, Fabletics used a reverse showroom model. Showrooming is when someone goes to a store to try something on and then purchases online at a cheaper price. Since Fabletics was at one time an exclusively online store, when someone comes into their physical store there is up to a %50 chance they are already a member. If they are not already a member, %25 become one by the time they leave. If you like something in-store and try it on it will get added to your online cart incase you decide to buy it later and don’t want to forget what it was. For Fabletics, it does not matter if the sale is online or in-store, it is all a part of their service.


Customers of Fabletics are in love with the products. It is hard not to when the clothes are compared to high-end retailers who sell their clothing for over double the cost. Fabletics leggings do not loose shape or color after wear and wash, so you can wear them as much as you like and they will stay and look the same as the day you bought them. Not only is the staying power amazing but they are not see-through. They are constructed out of multiple layers of compression so there’s no chance of anything showing through and they stretch and move with your body for complete comfort.


Not only to the leggings feel amazing but they look amazing as well. The leggings come in different colors and styles. If you like bold prints or solid colors, Fabletics has the leggings for you. Not to mention, the leggings come in multiple sizes and lengths, making it easy for people with hard to find sizes to find workout gear to fit their body’s.


Their amazing clothing is also amazingly affordable. You get a whole outfit for half the price of a pair of leggings from one of the more pricey workout brands. Fabletics has found a way to make fashionable and good quality workout gear affordable. It is no wonder why people love them so much. With low prices and good clothing, Fabletics is sure to continue to grow over the years.

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