Rick Shinto; the CEO of InnovaCare, is a holder of a medical degree and also a master’s degree from Redlands University. Before getting involved in InnovaCare Health, he worked at different work places in various positions. First he was the head of Medical Officers in Medical Pathways Company, where he took charge of the Operating department and also supervised all the activities within the hospital. He also served at Meds Partners and later preceded to Orange County, at this point he decided to start his own clinic in Southern California.

Ms. Penelope Kokkinides has a lot of experience in the medical field. She is the COO/CAO at InnovaCare. Before joining the InnovaCare Health, she worked at Touchstone Health care as an Operating Officer. Also she was an employee at Aveta hospital having the role of Chief Officer. Moreover, she has worked with government hospitals. At the Center light hospital, she had a responsibility of the upholding the hospital’s ideologies and ensuring that the management is up to task. She has also been heading the department of Disease Management and the care management in America. Above all she has taken part in the implementation and development of healthcare at the UnitedHealth Group of companies.

Shinto has been awarded by different organizations. One of the awards is the given to him by Ernst & Young for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012 which was given to him for his innovative tactics, commitment in his business and financial performance. He further received an award of Access to Caring where this award is given to individuals who have made efforts of ensuring that people are getting attention and medication required in every part of the country with ease. These awards are as a result of team work, patience, persistence and commitment in his work.

InnovaCare is a leading medical organization in the world. Its mission is to change the way healthcare services are done by improving the management and taking services given to patients to a higher level. Since it is among the top healthcare providers they are always keen on issues related to quality of services, use of modernized technologies for research purposes and also to keep records of the patients. They assure that the patients get value for their money and that the prices are affordable to people in all walks of life. The healthcare follows up on the patients to ensure that they take medicine as prescribed and follow up keenly on their progress.

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