Arthur Becker Makes His Way to Becoming a Real Estate and Bio-Tech Business Guru

Arthur Becker went through the Bennington College for his undergraduate degree in 1974. He then proceeded to the Tuck Business School at Dartmouth for a degree in Business Administration. His academic qualification and work experience have played a significant role towards his success in business.

Currently, Arthur Becker is serving as the founding manager to Madison Partners LLC. Arthur gained interest to expand his technology and real estate investment in Miami, Florida and New York through condominium development after the sale of NaviSite. Hence the idea behind the establishment of the Madison Partners LLC. Although he has no background academic knowledge in medicine, he has been exposed to various medical approaches that build interest in him to invest in the field.

Previously, Arthur had worked at Zinio LLC which is one of the top digital newsstand across the world. At the company, Arthur held the executive post of the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman since 2012 to the end of 2015. Zinio LLC is widely known to focus in Bio Tech Ventures as well as in Real Estate. Before joining the company, Arthur had served in several other companies including NaviSite where he was also serving at the top executive position. Owing to his expertise and wide experience, Arthur was hired by the Vera Wang fashion Company as their senior advisor until its purchase by the Time Warner in 2011. Click here to know more.

Arthur believes that when setting business strategies, one needs to focus the organisation management towards the achievement of the business goals and talent is one of the fundamental factors to success. To succeed in business one needs to identify talented employees and persuade the employees towards your vision. He often changes his strategies according to the current trends and convenience of success. Arthur is the employer who will never ignore any business knowledge from his colleges in the market. He attributes his success to the lessons he learned from the failures made by his previous companies.One of the recent real estate projects of which Arthur has been part of includes, the Sullivan Street Condo and townhome development in the city of New York. The projected was successive and rewarded Arthur with over 80 million dollars’ worth property.

Equities First Holdings – Potential Investors Finding It Easy With Stock Loans

Even as financial crisis took shape, traditional financial institutions were not left unaffected and thus the lending. The boom in innovative financial products proceeded hand-in-hand with more complexity. The situation multiplied the actors linked to a single mortgage including specialized originators, mortgage brokers, managing agents & trading desks, securitizers & their due diligence firms, insurances, investors and providers of rope financing. With indirect access of underlying assets, the actors depended more on unconfirmed information including FICO scores on appraisals, creditworthiness, and due diligence checks via third party firms and more significantly the rating agencies & risk management desks computer models. Rather than spreading risks, that offered the ground for misjudgments, fraudulent acts and finally leading to collapsing of market.

Certain financial innovations facilitated organizations to circumvent regulations such as financing of off-balance sheet that affects the capital cushion or leverage as reported by key banks. Several scholars argued that the lack of transparency on exposure of banks’ risk limited markets from pricing risks correctly prior to the crisis. That led the mortgage market to grow bigger than it actually could have done. Hence, the financial crisis became more disruptive that it actually would be if risk levels could have been disclosed in a precise and readily understandable format. The affected institutions have witnessed traditional lending services becoming more expensive for ordinary borrowers who find it worthy seeking for financial help from alternative lenders.

Due to various reasons, participants in the market did not precisely measure the risks associated with financial innovation such as CDOs and MBS or comprehend its influence on the entire stability within the financial structure. Equities First is a company of great team that takes pride in offering stock-based loans to fund and help potential investors with businesses or individuals in need of working capitals. The company website and upon contacting the customer care departments, you will get more of the details. for more .

Focus on Dog Food Varieties from Beneful

Baneful is a dog food manufacturing company that promises to deliver the best varieties of food for your favorite pet. The company believes in filling the bowls of your best buddy with the goodness of health and joy of happiness. The foods are made using ingredients that are balanced and also complete like vitamin rich veggies and real meats. This ensures that your pet benefits from a wide range of textures and tastes that will nourish their bodies inside and out. Below are some of the varieties available Coupons from Beneful for your pet dog.

Healthy Puppy

It is a dry dog food variety and comes packed with real carrots, chicken and peas to boost your puppy with a calcium rich formula. It has DHA that supports the development of a healthy brain as well as vision in your puppies. It is available in bags measuring 3.5lb, 6.3lb and 15.5lb.

Chopped Blends

This falls under the wet dog food category. The chopped blends are made using beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice to ensure that your dog enjoys every bite of this food. The food comes in various textures in order to make the mealtime to be more fun. The chopped blends are small in terms of size but highly rich in flavor.

Healthy Smile Dental Ridges

These are dog treats from Beneful that are meant to play some important functions like reducing the buildup of plaque and tartar, freshen the dog’s breath and the development of strong bones. They are manufactured using real parsley and savory meats make their middles to ensure great health and joy to your pet dog. They are available in packs of different sizes i.e. mini, medium and large.

Originals with Real Beef

Originals with real beef are a variety of dry dog food and they are made to offer your pet dog with basic nutrients and anti-oxidants to ensure that they thrive well. This food comes in the form of tender bites and mixed crunchy of salmon, chicken, beef that is accented with tomatoes, avocados and carrots. This food ensures your pet dog gets everyday health goodness for its well being.

Renowned Law Professor at Berkeley California Law School Reveals his Career Competency

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is the Dean and ‘I. Heyman Michael’ Professor of Law at the Berkeley California University. He was also the former ‘Cecelia Goetz’ Law Professor at the New York University and later the Scholl Chair of the Toronto University. He is an internationally recognized figure regarding politics and comparative constitutional law.

He was also an international speaker in various nations, and he unites in-depth field experience, constitution building processes, and wide-ranging research agenda. According to,  he was also an international adviser to countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, South Africa, and Jordan.

Professor Sujit Choudhry has other law degrees from the Harvard, Toronto, and Oxford. At one time in his career, he served as the Rhodes Scholar and law clerk of the Canadian Supreme Court, Chief Justice Antonio Lamer. His research is based on broad issues like politics, comparative constitutional law, and constitutional design as the framework to manage the change from violent conflicts to democratic and peaceful politics.  Check this on

He also specializes in constitutional plans for diverse ethnic societies, decentralization, secession, presidential, federalism, official language policy, group rights, bills of rights, minority constitutional courts, authoritarian to democratic rule transitions. He is also experienced in oversight sector, constitution development, and the underlying issues in methodological constitutional and comparative law.

Sujit Choudhry’s Interview

In a meeting, Sujit Choudhry said that he had worked for many years as the legal advisor to most of the developing global countries. His role was to amend or write new constitutions. Sujit Choudhry also said that he had a lot of knowledge about matters arising when there is the change of law.

He said his business was to provide the constitutional advisory experience that most countries lack due to inadequate legal research. Many new constitutions are being adopted and drafted across the globe. At any given moment, many other laws are amended and rewritten.  Read his blogs, follow him on his ape.

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As such, he is always abreast with current on-line sources and other International policy and expert partners. His winning strategy has been to think ahead and stay updated. He agreed that innovative leaders always establish working relationships with institutions and individuals.

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A Real Case Study on the Success of the Wen By Chaz Hair Conditioner

It is one thing to rave all about the success people are having with the Wen By Chaz hair care products, it is another to see an actual case study from someone other than a celebrity. When you read that hundreds of celebrities swear by the WEN Hair products, you don’t know if they are endorsed by the product or happy users. The following story is a real case study from a young lady who suffered with flat fine hair and needed to make a change.

Before looking that the results, you have to know a little about the man behind the line of Wen By Chaz products. Chaz Dean owns a successful salon in Los Angeles and caters to the needs of celebrities in the area. His list of celebrity clients is impressive, but he caters to the needs of anyone who wants to transform their appearance.

One thing you can say about Dean is that he is never happy with his success, he is always working tirelessly to improve the products he has developed. His line of conditioners designed to restore the bounce to flat hair has gotten a lot of attention, and one lady decided to make a public crusade to show the world her unique results.

Originally reported on Bustle, this young lady began using the Wen By Chaz conditioner for fine hair because her appearance was no longer ideal for someone working in a hair salon. Having tried everything, she decided to chronicle her 7 day journey using the Wen By Chaz conditioner.

As we look through her journal of pictures and read all about her daily experiences, we see that she did not stick to the routine to a tee. The results however were spectacular, as her hair begin to look shinier, become fuller, and transform her look in just a week.

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Rona Borre Has Set The Example

Rona Borre is the example of hard work and effort, but more than just that she has set the example of being smart too. Her venture of her new business in 2001 was met with skepticism from her peers, but she proved them all to be wrong as Instant Alliance today is a strong leader in the competitive staffing and recruiting industry.

Rona started the business in a spare bedroom of her Chicago condo right after quitting her high paying job with another staffing company. She had reached the limits of how far she could go with that other company, and the only way to advance was to start her company.

Today, Instant Alliance is one of the fastest-growing recruiting businesses in the country and is breaking records all of the time. Borre has a very unique team of account executives who were selected and trained by her to be the best in their field.  Read Borre’s tips, click

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Borre is also very active in the Chicago business world as she serves in leadership positions with such organizations as the Economic Club of Chicago, The Chicago Network, and the Young Presidents’ Organization, in related to this, try accessing this. She is very pro-business and believes that entrepreneurship should be supported in all areas.

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Whitney Wolfe Considers Women Needs First With The Bumble Date App

The world is full of people looking for love. However, the way that people look for love has changed. As technology has altered the way that almost everything is done in the world today, love has become a part of life that technology has embraced. Many people meet in ways that utilize technology to some degree. There are many reasons why people use technology as a resource in finding love. One of the reasons is that people tend to be very busy, and they do not have the time to try to find people to date in traditional ways.

Technology allows people to be able to let technology do some of the things that they would have to do traditionally themselves. While there are numerous technology based methods that people can use today to help them regarding dating, one of the methods that is growing in use are date apps. The use of dating apps is tied to technology innovations such as the smartphone that use apps to give people ways of doing various things.

Currently there are various date apps available that provide people with ways of meeting people. Every date app has its own specific features that work to bring people together. A particular date app that is helping to bring people together in successful dates and beyond is the Bumble date app. Founded by Whitney Wolfe who is recognized as a top young entrepreneur, the Bumble date app has been a major force behind many couples ultimately starting relationships.

There are many factors that have gone into the Bumble date app being able to help people get into relationships. Whitney Wolfe is a young woman who understands the problems that women face in relationships and dating. As a result, Whitney Wolfe along with the team at Bumble have developed a date app that addresses the problems that both women and men face concerning dating.

Whitney Wolfe is making life great for many people who have used the Bumble date app to find true love and a relationship.

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Many Facets Serve Community and Clientele

Nexbank Capital, Inc, is a top regional bank based in Dallas, Texas. Nexbank’s client base is centered around three main services: Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, and Mortgage Banking. Nexbank primarily serves financial institutions, corporations across the United States and institutional clientele.

Founded in 1922, Nexbank has consistently built a strong financial services corporation with focus on serving large corporations, real estate investors, and middle-market companies alike. As of December 31, 2016, Nexbank showed assets in excess of $4.6 billion.

In June 2016 Nexbank completed a common equity capital raise in the amount of $24 million. The proceeds from this effort will be used to further fund general corporate projects.

For the first half of 2016, Nexbank reported a net income in the amount of $38.1 billion with ROAE (Return On Average Equity)of 37.6%. Matt Siekielski, Nexbank’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer stated, “With this raise in capital we are in an optimum position to continue to move forward with the growth of Nexbank scalable business across the board.”

John Holt, President and CEO of Nexbank, said, “We are elated with the overwhelming success of this capital raise, , and we greatly appreciate the positive response we have received from our shareholders. This raise will provide even more support to ensure the continued growth and opportunities for development for Nexbank”

Nexbank is also widely known for it’s support and donations to the communities it serves n both a local and more extensive scale. In December 2015 Nexbank acquired College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey. This financial institution oversaw 529 college college savings programs. Regarding this acquisition Holt said, “Nexbank will now be even better able to meet the needs of our clients, who include a large number of families who are saving for college.”

Following the horrific sniper attack on police officers in downtown Dallas on July 8, 2016, Nexbank was one of the first financial institutions to step up and donate funds to the officers who were injured in the line of duty and to the families of those officers who were injured in the line of duty, and to the families of the officers who lost their lives. Holt issued a statement saying, “The only thing we as a community can do in the face of such a terrible time is to come together and help those who are suffering in every way possible. Of curse nothing can undo the devastation of such a senseless attack, but hopefully it will alleviate some of the pain by letting the victims know the entire state of Texas is there for them and will be providing support following their ordeal.”


ClassDojo Raises Millions for App Development

ClassDojo has impressed investors with its plans for taking school functions and communication and making them digitally accessible. Their plans seem so profitable that they were able to secure $21 million in venture funding.

Co-founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary have taken their new capital to expand their 25-person staff. They looking to hire one more programmers to better refine the features they hope will keep parents better connected to teachers and schools.

At present, ClassDojo is tool used by teachers to inform parents of scheduled events such as days when schools are closed and conferences between parents and faculty. But the app can also provide multimedia to parents that shows how their child is doing in school to better monitor their academic progression and overall conduct.

While ClassDojo encounters some competition from other tech companies in the educational sector, few have turned their attention towards communication. This has been quite helpful for the startup. With so few alternatives to bridge this technological gap, ClassDojo has been able to provide their app to more than 85,000 schools, both private and public, across the United States without being challenged by alternatives.

Another incentive that leads schools to open its doors to ClassDojo is the promise founders Don and Chaudhary have made to not make revenue off user data. It’s typical that developers of apps, even free ones, will have a steady revenue stream by selling off user data. But in this case, considering the added privacy concern over selling data that so heavily incorporates children as users, blocking that data from potential abuse by third parties lends a degree of credibility to ClassDojo and helps to better define their business ethic.

Moving forward, ClassDojo hopes to more closely mirror traditional social media for easier use by parents and teachers. This will hopefully allow for faster transfers of data from either party. And while ClassDojo does hope to monetize in some form in the future, either founder has been committed to making that revenue in an manner that benefits the needs of parents and teachers while also protecting the data of children.  Important link here.

About ClassDojo:

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary in the city of San Francisco, designed to better assist parents, teachers, and school administration officials to better communicate about the scholastic needs of children students and scheduled activities. Based on

ClassDojo has been put to use in schools across the United States and in 180 other countries around the world. With a team of dedicated engineers, designers, and dedicated educational professionals, ClassDojo has been able to secure influential partnerships with tech giants like Google and Amazon based on the effectiveness of their products.

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Desiree Perez Reigns as Expert Negotiator

Desiree Perez has managed to show the world that she is one of the secret weapons that Jay-Z has for launching his Tidal music streaming app. He is putting her to work as a person that can help him negotiate contracts. The art of negotiating contracts is a big thing when it comes to businesses in the music streaming industry. The people that are able to negotiate the contract successfully are going to be the ones that are going to have the best collection of music on your streaming site.

The executives for Apple are aware of this. The executives for Spotify are also aware. It would take a while, but Jay-Z will also learn this with the help of Desiree Perez. He has become much more familiar with what one can expect to accomplish in the music streaming industry, and it all comes down to how well you negotiate, for related story, click Jay-Z knew that Desiree Perez was an excellent negotiator, and that is the reason that he made her decision to connect with her,  based on

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Desiree Perez already knows the art of negotiating contracts, and she is well aware of what it takes to build a business from the ground up. Jay-Z has his hands in a lot of different things, and he is not always able to master every single thing. This is why he hires people like Desiree Perez to get in place and help him build his company up. The great thing about Jay-Z and his business mindset is that he knows how to delegate the tasks that will need to be done by other people. Sometimes she has a hand in the final call, but there are other times where he is totally comfortable in letting the people he put in charge to take over and run things.

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