Susan McGalla Takes On The World Of Fashion

The world of fashion is a very fascinating world. One thing that is equally fascinating is the diversity of mindsets towards fashion. On one end are the people that take it very seriously. They do things like keep up on the trends and try their best to be in style. Then on the other end are people that don’t think of clothes in any way other than something to be worn. Most people fall somewhere in the middle. Fortunately, this is where most fashion companies meet people. Susan McGalla herself has taken on the fashion industry in order to meet people where they are. She has also expanded some companies to offer new lines of clothing.

One company that Susan McGalla has worked for was American Eagle Outfitters. This was at a time when American Eagle was a small business that was struggling. It was nothing fancy. However, it did offer clothes for men that wanted to have a little bit of style without looking too sloppy or loud. However, Susan McGalla has used her creativity in marketing and merchandising to get the company to expand its line. Not only did the business start selling more clothes, it has also expanded to include women and children as their customers.

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As of right now, she is taking on sports fashion with her company P3 Executive Consulting, check this on For one thing, she does see that a lot of people wear fashion for different reasons. Among the reasons hat they wear clothes is to support their favorite sports team. P3 offers merchandising for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Therefore, fans can wear the clothes and get into the spirit of the game as they represent their favorite team with the clothes that they wear. Susan McGalla has shown that she knows how to speak to the cause of her customers.




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