Fabletics Offers New Sizes Thanks to Don Ressler

Fabletics is a very successful athletic and leisure wear company on Zimbio. They have been serving many different people for a few years and that has led to the success that they have seen. Because of the convenience that they provide, they make a great fit for nearly everyone. Now, they are even more fitting for several different groups of people but they have been able to do what they can through different points in time and since they are able to do this, they can offer more options for those who did not fit into the standard category that comes along with being able to do different things.

When Fabletics first started by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, they only offered subscription boxes. The choices were very limited, too. Even the people who could purchase the boxes were limited by their size and this was a problem for the company. Since they only had the standard sizes available, they had cut their market in about half. People who were plus sized were not able to wear the clothes from Fabletics and were missing out on the brand. The company on apparelnews.net was also missing out on money as a result to only offering the standard sizes for people who wanted to buy from the company.

There are many trends that are going on but the idea of including even plus sized people with regular brands is something that is taking a huge boom right now. Even athletic giants like Nike are getting in on the plus sized market and with the average size of women going up steadily, there are many benefits to having companies that offer something for even bigger women. Fabletics is also able to do this because of the options that they have for people to be able to enjoy what they are getting out of the market.

Since they have been offering plus sizes for people who want their boxes, Fabletics has seen a huge increase in the sales that they have. Don Ressler, one of the founders of the company, is responsible for the idea behind offering plus sizes. Ressler knows that people can get more out of the company when they are able to get the size that they need. He also knows the right way to market a company that offers something for everyone. No matter your size, you can enjoy what Fabletics has to offer in the athletic and leisure wear categories at https://pando.com/2014/08/28/breaking-justfab-raises-85m-at-what-sources-say-is-a-1b-valuation/.

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