How To Sell Wine With Traveling Vineyard

     When you become a part of the Traveling Vineyard, there are many parts to the process. They need to accept your application, you need to work with your assigned expert, you need to research everything you need to before you start selling, and then you need to start putting in the time to start making that money. This is a great side career because the income is wonderful and limitless, alongside the fact that the Traveling Vineyard is a very reliable company that can allow for you to sell their wine. It’s all about knowing how to sell their wine.

It all begins with understanding what your goal is and who your target audience is. Your target audiences are the people who are older and want to unwind on days off or even just drink at a party when they have a special occasion happening. The Traveling Vineyard is here to provide that wine and you are here to help showcase it to the people you come into contact with. You need to know the wine from the company in and out so that you can properly embrace what they represent to other people.

Understanding why people are going to buy wine from you is another thing. You need to build trust, create a connection, and really provide that unique sense of self to them with a unique approach. You cannot just sell wine and only talk about what you can give them, but you need to know how to connect with other people on a much deeper level. The Traveling Vineyard is a well respected brand that can give you what you are looking for, but you need to know how to sell the wine and properly showcase it to other people. You can do that by simply learning and understanding how people work and what people think about. The world of wine and selling wine is no different than selling anything else, and the company can give you the right strategies.

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Visiting the Napa Valley

The Napa Valley is most famous for its wine. It is among one of the best places on earth to grow grapes. The wine is great, but there is more to the Napa Valley than just wine. Instead of going down the beaten track, you can take the time to explore some of the fascinating sites of Napa. Here are some other things that Travelling Wine Guide can do in Napa besides take wine.

Go to the Napa Art Walk

If you love 3D art, make sure that you visit the Napa Art Walk exhibition. The event features the works of some of the most creative works from all over the US. You may even catch a glimpse of a work of art that you love. Part of the proceeds will go towards funding future exhibitions.

Visit the Napa Valley Historical Society

Do you love history? A visit to the historical society may be a great opportunity for you to view a historical snapshot of the Napa Valley. The organization collects pieces of Napa’s past and invites the public to view them.

Indulge in Olives

The Napa Valley is not just great for growing grapes. It is also one of the best places on earth to grow olives. At Round Pond Estate, you will find some of the finest olives on earth produced using world methods.

Take Some Cooking Classes

In a region best known for its wine, food is still important. Finding the perfect combination of wine and food can take you on one of the most interesting sensual journeys of your life. If you would like to know how to prepare delicious meals, you are welcome to Travelling Vineyard visit the Silverado Cooking School. The main trainer is Chef Malcolm de Sieyes, who has experience on some of the most advanced techniques of food preparation.

As a member of Travelling Vineyard, you will be part of a supportive family that looks out for one another. From advice to basic training, help is just a call away. Even if you do not love wine, being a wine guide could help you earn some extra income.

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Four Top EOS Lip Balm Flavours For The Summertime

EOS has revolutionized the Lip Balm scene with its unique, round shape and easy to apply capsules. The natural ingredients in these four popular lip balms can medicate and soothe even the nastiest chapped lips. They also look and taste great, just like the fruits many are derived from.


EOS Lemon

There are three types of EOS lemon flavors, and all three are very popular. The standard EOS lemon has a mix of lemon flavoring and natural sweeteners, which gives it that extra tang to your lips when you apply it. In summer, it is very popular because it can be waterproof for up to 80 minutes of swimming and hanging out at the beach. The lemon drop variation has an SPF rating of 15 and deep moisturizing power to prevent dryness and chapping. The medicated lemon flavor adds additional vitamins to care for sore lips. Watch to see more.


EOS Pomegranate Raspberry

The EOS Pomegranate Raspberry flavor has a mild scent and a crimson color, and its taste reminds many people of summery drinks at the beach. Its natural extracts including fruit flavours, shea butter, and anti-oxidants can moisturize and treat sore, chapped lips caused by hot, dry summer air.


 EOS Blueberry Acai

The EOS blueberry acai is consistently ranked at the top in any popularity contest, mainly because it just feels that good on the lips. The blend of blueberry and acai flavours are delicious and give it plenty of anti-oxidants to rejuvenate and heal dry lips and skin. Plus, its bright blue color is hard to miss, and easy to remember. Need more details? Go here,


 EOS Sweet Mint

The EOS Sweet mint evokes strong feelings from many in the EOS community, but those who love it, love it a lot. The distinctive tingle and minty smell are a major draw, as are the natural oils and extracts inside.


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AXA Equtiable: Socially Responsible from the Bottom Up

AXA Equitable is more than just a financial management company; they are most importantly, a company that cares about its consumers and the world. In their summary of ethics, their first rule is to be honest, fair and obey the law. They have a dedicated line for reporting violations of not just the law but also their ethics code which has nearly 30 pages. Per their website they have six pillars of corporate responsibility: Responsibility in the workplace, in supplier connection and relations, in customer relations, in their governance model, for their environmental footprint, and to civil society. AXA sponsors many cultural festivals in the US and around the world, including last year’s Charlotte Dragon Boat Festival in honor of Asian-Pacific American Heritage month. For the fourth consecutive year, AXA will proudly support its employees marching in the New York City Pride Parade (over 240 employees registered to march with the company last year) while also financially supporting the parade in NYC and other cities nationwide. They also host their own LGBT Summit in mid-July to discuss the best options and needs of the LGBT community they can serve.

Among the executives heading these initiatives is Vincent Parascandola who is the Senior Executive Vice President at AXA US, began at Pace University, where he received a Bachelors in Computer Science. He utilized this degree as a Systems Analyst at Irving Trust Company, and soon went into the financial realm as a Financial Professional at The MONY Group. A mere two years later, he moved in to a sales management position at the same; then again was promoted to Managing Director in 1996. Entering his first Vice President position in 1998, he remained at The MONY Group for another seven years. In 2005, he became the Executive Vice President of AXA Equitable; and to the present, has held five executive positions since then, most notably Chief Sales Officer and President where he was responsible for sales, recruiting, and more over the 46 offices in the US, and his current position as the Senior Executive Vice President. He is currently attending the Pace University of Business- Lubin School of Business to continue his education.


White Shark Media at its Best

White Shark Media is a unique corporate that consists of a podium. The organization is associated with numerous organizations that enable the company to provide better services and also accomplish more. Furthermore, the company development increases rapidly due to the better management of the company. White Shark has also been approved by the North America as the top leading developing marketing company. Due to the organization efficiency, it has been able to attract more clients. Gary Gath is the main founder of the company in the year 2011 and as well he is the CEO of the company.


White shark Media has also enabled other companies to develop and accomplish their goals through using their features including the AdWords and Ad managements. These features are efficient and exceptional therefore their customers are well served and they are happy with their services hence bringing more clients to White Shark Media. Due to the accomplishment and the more effort they put through the company also has been awarded AdWords Premier SMB Partnership award with Google. Other company that acknowledges the company is Microsoft because of devotion and effort they do in marketing. The company goals are to ensure the company help other companies to grow and also providing better services to their clients with services which are flat free and cost-effective hence enabling them to come for more.


Furthermore, their clients also use google analytics and call tracking to manage their campaign and also beginning fresh campaigns by using their old accounts. White Shark Media excellent testimonies are heard and spread all over and also their better achievement stories are how other organization developed their organization through White Shark Media. Ecommerce Store, Women’s Fashion Retailers, and Junk Removal are some of the improved organization that the organization has developed. Through online marketing, it has enabled many companies to transform and develop rapidly.


Lastly, through online marketing, its has enabled White Shark Media to be well-known therefore making the company be successful. The organization linking up with other organization it enabled them to improve AdWords campaigns. The main goals of the company are to create better campaigns and assisting more organization to develop.

Sawyer Howitt, the Entrepreneur of the Future

Entrepreneurship is universal, and it is all inclusive. This simply means that you can venture in entrepreneurship at any age regardless of your gender, race or other social factors. It has absolutely no limits and Sawyer Howitt seems to understand this well. Sawyer is a young entrepreneur who is currently a senior student at Lincoln High School in Portland Oregon.

Just like most youths, Sawyer Howitt is quite smart. As a matter of fact, he is regarded among the most intelligent and focused young men in his hometown. If he is not on his school work, he sure is on an internship to learn more about business and finance. Moreover, Sawyer is not a dull kid. Besides class work, he has built himself a reputation as an athlete who mostly plays racquetball games, and he is a popular player at the Oregon Racquetball Club.

Looking at him may only give you the impression of a typical successful youth, but he is far from average. Sawyer Howitt has made tremendous achievements already in his formative years. He is a father’s kid and spends most of his time working alongside him. His father, David Howitt, is the owner of the Meriwether Group, and Sawyer serves in the firm as a Project Manager.

With leadership comes responsibility. Sawyer is tasked with handling several of the projects the company undertakes. Mostly, he focuses on those projects that seek to revolutionize commerce in the future and how business can develop through the adoption of new technologies.

At his tender age, Sawyer Howitt understands both financial and operational needs of an enterprise. You can bet he is up to any task from networking with clients, handling complex spreadsheets, presentations, filing, note taking in business meetings and a lot more. For him, every task entrusted to him is essential.

More so, Sawyer Howitt has a generous heart. He has been involved in different charitable events. Moreover, he has advocated for the mentoring of the youth as his father mentored him. He is also involved in fighting for the rights of women and leads the international ethnic study group.

Sawyer Howitt’s work plan is remarkable, and it cuts across the business, finance, and also customer care. He is set to join California University in 2017 to pursue an Entrepreneurial Finance degree. He is an entrepreneur in the making and his future in the field seems to be crystal clear.

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Jason Hope Wants to Help Eliminate Future Diseases Through Research & Understanding Technology

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who is also a futurist, philanthropist, and investor based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Hope believes that it is vital that we change our basic approach to medicine if we want to live longer and healthier lives than people are currently capable of living today. For this reason, despite having received a degree in finance from Arizona State University (ASU) Hope has focused his future on politics and healthcare across not only Arizona but also nationally across the US.

Jason Hope wants to use his understanding of technology and his understanding of the future to help control the future of where technology is currently heading. Hope believes that as the internet continues to take off that it will be a vital player in the future of a modern society. This comes as an increased number of devices connect more people to the international web as it continues to explode in popularity. He also wants to modernize businesses and how commerce is done to help improve the future of humanity as a whole across the globe.

Jason Hope is more than just someone who just walks around saying that he wants to improve the future of humanity. Hope takes concrete actions to prove that he is serious about what Jason Hope writes. Hope does quite a variety of philanthropy work to show what he wants to do. Hope shares his passion for helping others by supporting organizations with a variety of organizations such as anti-aging agencies who want to help people learn to live longer to helping organizations that seek cures for things like Alzheimer’s or heart and lung diseases as well.

Jason Hope believes we need to not only spend time treating people who already have these current conditions but also doing some research to help figure out how to prevent these conditions from happening to people in the future. That’s how we are going to change anything is to provide ways to avoid getting these diseases that harm people in the first place.


Brown Modeling Agency: Starting Locally, Going Nationally

The Brown Agency, owned by Justin Brown, is a modeling and acting agency that specializes in the art of fashion, commercial print, commercial, film and television in Austin, Texas. This agency has been running since the Spring of 2010, and yet, they’ve already had their clients work for large brands such as Toyota, L’Oréal, and many other brands. In addition to that, they’ve already been a part of the New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and many other prominent fashion shows.

Justin Brown was studying business at the time in college, but wanted to pursue the art of what would be “behind the cameras.” It was then that he began his journey and started to find the right models to not only expand his business, but he had prepared them and nurtured them enough to prepare themselves for the big leagues of the industry. It was then that the company originally started as Wilhelmina Austin which originally started in 2010. As time passed, it soon decided to merge with Heyman Talent-South, one of the most successful acting talent agencies in Austin. This merging lead to the birth of The Brown Agency. Each model and actor is more than ready to prepare themselves for the theater and fashion world with a wonderful team that works alongside their needs. You can always see on The Brown Agency’s Twitter the amount of support and love that they show for each model/actor as they continue to accomplish major milestones within the industry.

According to Market Wired, Brown states that “We are only as good as our talent.” And it’s clear that he intends and will continue to strive on that statement. Considering that this agency is only one of the few agencies in Texas alone, it’s fantastic that this is one of the leading agencies.

To conclude, The Brown Agency is an agency fit for models/actors within the Austin area. And although they pick their clients locally, the ideas and goals for each of them are set towards something bigger. As the agency quotes “We pride ourselves in selecting the best, prepping them on a larger market level and delivering the most professional, elegant and dependable talent that Austin has to offer.”

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Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College, or OCC as it is most known, is a community college located in Costa Mesa, California in the densely populated Orange County United States. With many people situated within the school’s locality, it is easily one of the biggest colleges in Orange County, enrolling about 24,000 undergraduate students. Read more: Orange Coast College Reviews | Glassdoor

First opening its classes in 1948, Orange Coast College has grown to establish many programs within academics, arts, as well as athletics over the years. Most notably, it is the Orange Coast College rowers, from the college’s athletic program, that has gained attention for its dominance in rowing.

The article, “Orange Coast College rowers go for 12th national title — against best 4-year universities” by David Whiting of the Orage County Register, covers OCC and its outstanding rowing team in its quest for twelve straight national championships.

Having rowed through 11 other national title wins, OCC, which is a community college, has taken down 4-year top universities in the competition. For the sake of a recap, the following is just a summary of how rowing has influenced the lives of two out of a group of four guys that include Daniel Amando, Steve Morris, Cameron Brown, and John Kinnear.

It is made clear how excruciating the sport of rowing can be. Yet, you also are left with the impressions that rowing has within it a ballet of power, grace, and unity. As OCC prepares for the 2017 American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship in Gainesville, Georgia, excitement fills the air from fellow OCC students screaming, “2017 Nationals, yeah!”

Within the team is Daniel Amado, the 22-year-old captain of the team. A young veteran of the sport, he returns after breaking a disk in his back while rowing in high school. Having gone through his injury, Daniel lets you know that rowing makes you strong enough to battle through any hard ache stating, “It teaches you physical and mental skills that allow you to overcome anything.”

Steve Morris, Men’s assistant coach for OCC, is awake at 5:30 am for every practice that begins just an hour later and makes the same long drive he has for years from his home in Rancho Santa Margarita to Newport Harbor.

Having coached rowing since 1990, Steve explains how rowing is more of an art form and not just a sport. He is so in love with rowing that even when he is away from it, he is not. Even on vacation, Morris managed to find a live streaming online feed of a key OCC race.

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Why You Can Never Get Rid of Chris Burch

We are always looking for the best out of every opportunity. Chris Burch is a man that brings a lot to the table. At 64 years of age, Mr. Burch has spent most of his life diversifying into a variety of business ventures. His most famous invention is the Burch Creative Capital, an institution that he heads as the Chief Executive Officer. With Chris being extremely enterprising and possessing skills in sales and marketing and branding, he has been able to help create Tory Burch, another luxury fashion company successfully. Chris Burch has even gone the extra mile of establishing Nihiwatu, another corporation of epic proportions. Being the great investor that Burch is well known for, he has been able to take the board and advisory roles in organizations like Poppin, Chubbies Shorts, Grability, and Nihiwatu.  More of this on

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Over the years, Chris has created a model that shows you how to build a successful enterprise from scratch. Mr. Burch has been hugely successful in his endeavors primarily because he is the ultimate opportunist who does not let any chance get wasted. He has learned how to tap into new and old markets so as to move more of his products and services. Another factor that has kept Chris going is his ability to ask questions. Through the above, he has been able to get new ideas on how to do things differently, hence his success. Chris Burch has also nurtured a habit of helping others become successful entrepreneurs and investors despite age. Burch is mainly attracted to individuals who lead purpose-driven lives since they have well laid out goals and objectives.  Click on for Burch timeline activities.

In Burch’s pursuit of excellence, he has experienced a lot of downfalls but has never given up. He has made a choice to always take risks in life since it is the unexpected outcomes that have built him a lasting empire over the years. See for additional article. Finally, Burch has learned the hard way that re-inventing the wheel does not necessarily yield you success. Therefore, it has become Burch’s mission to think of new ways of doing things, since at the end of the day clients want someone who can solve their problems.  Related article on

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