Chris Burch Explains Unique Business Vision In CEOCFO Interview

Recently the business magazine CEOCFO held a in-depth interview with the maverick business man, fashion designer, tech aficionado and land developer, J. Christopher Burch (known more commonly simply as Chris Burch) of Burch Capital, LLC. One of the first thing on the menu of the many questions asked of Mr. Burch was what was the genesis for his business philosophy.  For an extensive view of Burch company, visit

Mr. Burch replied that the company attempts to champion and seek out rugged individuals who have a long standing history of entrepreneurship as such investments have shown to bare out high gains in the long term. Chris Burch further elaborated that businessmen and women should not be afraid of asking questions, either of their clients or employees – he stresses that one needs to ask “millions of questions,” and that these millions of questions, “-have to be broken down into a million more questions.”

CEOCFO then asked how the investor navigated the shaky interplay between experience and gut instinct; that is, how does Burch balance feelings and facts? Mr. Burch responded that it was certainly getting harder to maintain such a delicate balance but that his opinion has changed markedly over the course of his lengthy and extremely successful business career. To learn more of his recent timeline activities, make sure to click

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He remarks that when he was younger he did not believe age, experience or data-sets (analytics) were particularly important, noting that he used to believe that good business could be summed up in the maxim, “Everything is instinct.” However, he now believes that one should always check their instinct (no matter how good they happen to be, against experience, one’s own and the experience of those close to you whom you trust. He states that he has found the pop psychology writer, Malcom Gladwell’s maxim, the so called, “rule of ten thousand hours,” to be absolutely crucial to business success.  For the full interview, click on

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