Highland Capital Management: A Leader in Investing

In the field of investing, Highland Capital Management is already tried and tested. The company is one of the examples of investment and management firm, which typically handles held funds, investment funds that are distressed and structured investments. The firm itself is also actively investing in public equities around the globe, in fixed income, and in hedging markets, where their focus is on loans, bonds, and structured products. The firm was founded in 1993, and their headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas, but they also operate in other major cities around the world, like New York City, Singapore, and London. They have assets worth billions of dollars, and on 2010, they announced that they have already completed their value funds.


But how did they manage to get to where they are now? The answer is simple: for the last twenty years, they managed to transform into one of the financial industry’s largest credit managers by the joint venture of two of its founders. From then on, they began specializing in markets that have fixed income. Through research, observation and perseverance had given them the chance to grow their business into what will be known as the Protective Asset Management Company. They soon established the Ranger Asset Management, LP, which works as an advisor. A year later, they decided to change the name to Highland Capital Management, the same name as what it is called today.


The firm has helped investors throughout the years, and evident of their success would be their continuous expansion not only in the United States but also in other countries. Their strategic approach to giving hope to assets that are already in distress was highly applauded. Investors were very happy with the assistance the firm is giving them. Highland Capital Management tends to help and advise investors to reach their risk and return goals, via innovative strategies that have never been seen in the market. Today, Highland Capital Management enjoys their 20 years of experience in the business that serves as a reminder of how trained they are in advising people on where they could put their money to better use.

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