Wengie’s Tips For Colored Hair



In this video, Wengie outlines 9 hair care tips for colored hair. These tips will help your hair stay healthy and strong after coloring treatments that are known to damage the hair.


#1: Wash your hair less. Shampoo can strip the hair of natural oils, making it dry and brittle.


#2: Use a dry shampoo to prevent the need for more washes. This type of product can be used when the hair becomes oily. Wengie also mentions that hair will become more oily if it is washed too often.


#3: Try different hair styles to make the hair presentable when it becomes greasy. This can delay having to wash it before the appropriate time. This can include up dos or wearing hats.


#4: Use nourishing oils, such as coconut or Moroccan. Focus on massing the oil into your ends. Wengie uses an organic variety of coconut oil.


#5: Do not wash the hair prior to bleaching or coloring treatments. The oils will Protect the hair from further damage during the processing time.


#6: Use conditioner designed for the color of your hair. Typically salons can provide the appropriate type of condition


#7: Do not wait too long before getting the roots touched up, as too much virgin hair can be difficult to lift.


#8: Use a volatizing mousse to “plump” the hair up.


#9: Use a good brush with natural bristles. This will prevent the hair from snapping off and the bristles can help distribute the natural oil throughout the hair.

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