Betsy DeVos Improves Children’s Education

Betsy DeVos is very excited about the advances that have been made in children’s education. 25 years, the first private school program was started in Wisconsin and it had led to a huge improvement in the system. There are now over 200,000 students that are now able to attend private schools and the number is only growing. Betsy DeVos has always been very proactive about improving the options that children and their families have in terms of education. It was when she was at the Potter’s House Christian School that she first fell in love with giving low-income families the option to give their children a high-quality education. Betsy DeVos loved to visit that school and she was inspired by the families that were doing everything they could to help their children achieve success. She is still very involved in the Potter House and supports them financially. She wanted to be able to give parents the opportunity to send their children to whatever school they wanted without having to stress about tuition.

Betsy DeVos wanted to make a change and be able to give other children the same opportunities that her children were receiving. She started her own foundation that set up a scholarship program for families that did not make enough money to send their child to private school. These scholarships allowed them to choose the best schools in their area and opened up many opportunities for the children. Betsy DeVos was very proud of the success of this foundation but she soon realized that is was not solving the real problem. There were still so many families who were not able to choose where to send their child to school. This prompted her involvement in the educational choice movement that aimed to give families to the ability to send their child to whatever school they wanted.

Betsy DeVos worked with Children First America and the American Education Reform Council and she was also given a position on their boards. These organizations aimed to improve the choice families have in their child’s education by using tax credits and other vouchers.Betsy DeVos also served as a chair member for the Michigan Republica Party and created the Great Lakes Education Project. This group pushed for an increase in charter school throughout the state. This led to the creation of American Federation for Children, which was a group that strived to organize all of the child education movements in a positive way. There have been massive improvements all over the country thanks to Betsy DeVos’ work in this organization. Betsy DeVos also served as the secretary of education under President Trump. She works toward equal education opportunities for all children in the US.

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