Efforts of Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega in Mexican Media

     Alfonso de Angoitia was born in the year 1962, and he holds the position of the Executive Vice President in the Grupo Televisa. It is one of the known largest companies in eth sphere of media in the Spanish world. He has been in the field of media practices and playing a critical role in the Board of Televisa ever since 1997. His skills in the sphere of media earned him a post of chairman of the Finance Committee in the company. The other members who are working closely with him include Bolsa Mexicana, Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, and Sky.

Alfonso de Angoitia has also played a role of finance as a Chief Financial officer in the year 1999. Also, he has worked at various companies such as White and Case LLP located in the New York. He then formed a firm law by the name Mijares Angoitia which he is running financial cases that are not falling within the requirement of the law.

The media company in the Mexico has evolved ever since inception in the past 20 years. Some of them such as Televisa and TV Azteca puts their attention on the matters that are supportive of the government as opposed to playing the role of investigative journalism.

Though there are some of the large broadcasters and the CNN which helps in digging out the ill of the government, some of them have taken a different role in covering it. Carlos Puig is one of the TV news cables was once the only channel which was operating 24 hours, but currently, there are other channels which have emerged and followed that suit. The known dynamic media landscape in the Mexico is magazine market. These include the Nexos and Proceso. Apart from these, there are others which only concentrates on the local content.

Media companies’ landscape in Mexico have gained a lot of transformation ever since inception.


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