James Dondero: The Successful Philanthropist and Businessman

For those who have not heard of Mr. James Dondero, he is not just known by fellow business people and investors. His work has made him a household name in Texas and the whole country as well. Through his charities, he has touched the hearts of many, worked with many people and has made a significant impact in Dallas.

James has worked in credit and equity markets for over 30 years. He is also a co-founder and current president of Highland Capital Management. It is under his watch as the leader of the company that Highland Capital has successfully offered numerous competitive products and services to her clientele, institutional investors and retail business people. Highland Capital’s net worth has been approximated to be $14.9 billion in assets. This includes affiliates like Acis Capital management, Next point Credit and Next Point Residential Trust among others.

James Dondero’s career journey stared way before he graduated. He worked as an analyst at Morgan Guaranty Training Program in 1984. He later joined American Express in 1985 to work as a cooperate bond analyst. He later became a portfolio manager before living American Express in 1989. He worked as a Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life’s, which is a GIV subsidiary. Under Dondero’s leadership, the subsidiary, which was founded in 1989, grew to a $2 million investment.

James is a well rounded man who is often referred to as Jim by his friends and family. Among the charities that he works with include the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, and Education is Freedom among other charities. He is a true lover of education as a tool to empower the community. He is also in several boards: he is the chairman of the board of Nexbank, Nexpoint, and CCS medical. James is also a member of MGM Studios as well as American banknote.

Dondero’s career in the financial world started in 1984 when he graduated from University of Virginia’s Mclntire School of Commerce where he got majors in Accounting and finance. James is also a certificate holder as a Certified Management Accountant and as a Chartered Financial Analyst.

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