Creation and Design of EOS Lip Balm

By now nearly every woman who uses lip balm has used or at least heart of EOS lip balm but Evolution of Smooth has kept quiet about their start up process until recently. Sanjiv Mehra is a co-founder and managing partner to Evolution of Smooth. Mehra had spent his career working with companies such as Pepsico and Unilever on consumer pre-packaged goods. He decided to team up with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky and try to think of a new start up business that would spice up the hygiene aisles of big box stores.

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After performing customer research these three noticed that the lip balm industry was a stagnant product. Chapstick, blistex and other balm giants never strayed from their packaging or products. They also researched and discovered the majority of customers purchasing lip balm were women, see beauty tips here. After polling consumers they understood women liked the new small jar packaging, it did not get lost in their purses like the boring colored balm stick, however they did not having to apply that balm with their fingers. These consumer research studies helped point Mehra, Teller and Dubitsky towards recreating lip balm with women consumers in mind. Check out EOS’ lip balm products here on In addition to targeting the consumers who were already buying lip balm the most, they decided to target millennials as well. They knew their product design had to be functional and withstand the test of time that many products fall victim to throughout a quick fad phase. They wanted to have organic products in reliable packaging that would also come in fun flavors instead of the standard mint, menthol or cherry lip balm users were accustomed to. This winning combination resulted in the founding of EOS lip balm in 2006 and it has remained an industry leader ever since.

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